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Going Extreme: Planning for the Big Corporate Party

By March 16, 2017Resources
Big Corporate Party

Company parties used to be a somewhat dreaded event where co-workers gathered in what was basically a breakroom environment, expect with alcohol. Not so great.

How the times have changed.

These days, companies turn to party rental companies such as Fun Crew USA to provide the sort of entertainment that make a company party an event everyone actually looks forward to attending.

And if you want the party to be an event everyone talks about for years to come, consider some of the big, extreme attractions offered by places such as Fun Crew USA. Not only can you rent amazing rides, but you also will have a staff of experts helping you with set up and operations.

Big Corporate Party: Getting It Right

You can check out these attractions right here on the Fun Crew site. The list below represents some of the newest and most thrilling offerings.


This takes the idea of an inclined treadmill to extreme limits. Users take on a 15-foot long treadmill, inclined at 27 degrees. Not easy! But the challenge will be welcomed by those at your company who like setting and accomplishing tough goals (hopefully, that’s just about everyone at your company). For safety, the running board has a subfloor that cushions the blow if anyone falls. Also, two operators have a handheld control that can immediately stop the ride. It’s a challenge no one will soon forget.

Zorb Track

Zorbing has become on the biggest trends in recreational fun (you can read about the history here). It involves getting inside a “human hamster wheel” – basically a large, plastic bubble big enough for a person to stand inside. In this version, there are two zorbs and an inflatable dual-track that features inclines, so you have to run the ball up them and then handle the speed when you come down the other side. Also you can race another person, which will finally give the competitive people on your team a fun way to test one another.

Multi-Station Climbing Challenge

Yet another rental that offers party guests a chance to challenge themselves in a fun, unique way. The Climbing Challenge is just that – a rock climbing challenge with three faces that present different, extreme challenges. The goal is to reach the top of the 22-foot high structure. Fun Crew also can put LED lights and lighted rocks if you plan a party for the nighttime.

Bungee Run

Simple, but so much fun. This dual-track inflatable allows two people at time to get into a lane, attach themselves to a bungee cord, and see how far down the 30-foot track they can run. You mark your spot with a Velcro baton. Of course the real thrill happens when you stretch the cord to your limits, and then you get a fun ride as the cord snaps you back (into a cushions, soft landing, of course).

Mechanical Bull Ride

For the cowboys on your team, or the cowboys at heart. This mechanical bull allows you to adjust the speed based on your skill level. Just like at the rodeo, you climb aboard and ride it as long as you can. The big difference is you have a soft, inflatable arena to land in when you finally get thrown.

So that’s some of your choices for your next company party. They will make your employees happy to have come there, and give them memories that will last a lifetime.

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