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Perfect Entertainment for Corporate Parties

By January 10, 2017Resources
Corporate Parties & Ideas

Working in a corporation provides enough challenges. The last thing you want is to give employees yet another boring company party.

That’s where modern party rentals can provide a huge help.

Not only do rental companies provide you many different options for entertainment at company parties, they also can give you the guidance you need to plan for the rentals that are best for your employees and help you safely set up all the entertainment.

Once such company, Fun Crew USA in Orlando, offers just such help in creating a party that will have employees talking about it for years for come. The following ideas are taken from the Fun Crew rentals available now.

Corporate Parties & Extreme Attractions

If its thrills you want to give your employees, considering some of the following. They offer not only fun but also competition for the more ambitious people in your group.

Adrenalator. This new attraction challenges people to run up a 15-foot long treadmill at a 27 degree incline to reach the landing at the top.  This is a challenge that many will want to take on.  Inflatable padding is there for safety, as well as an emergency operator who can hit a button that instantly stops the ride.

Zorb Track. Another new attraction, this one requires people to get inside a giant plastic ball and run it along an 85-foot track in a race against another contestant doing the same thing. You might feel like a human hamster as you attempt to keep the ball on track and move forward as fast as possible. For added fun there are inclines along the way that call for maximum effort if you want to win the race!

Mobile Zip Line. No need to sell anyone on this one. Zip lining is now one of the most popular activities for vacations and parties. On this one, people cruise along a 200-foot long zip line, 30 feet in the air.

Mechanical Bull. Here’s one for those with a real competitive spirit. How long can you stay on the bucking mechanical bull? It’s a simple task, but not easy. Luckily this bull comes with different settings for different skill levels and a soft, inflatable landing for when you get thrown.

Bungee Run. Yes, it’s the same thing you see at Busch Gardens. Contestants line up in side by side lanes and attempt to run down a track, all the while attached to bungee cords trying to pull them back the moment you don’t pull hard enough. They carry a baton and place it as far as they can down the track before the cord snaps them back. How far can you go? How fast can you do it? There’s only one way to find out.

Other Cool Stuff

In addition to the fun, team-building and competitive entertainment listed above, you also can rent a Ferris Wheel for those who want a good view from 50 feet up. Big parties can also use the trackless train to take people from Point A to Point B in style.

There also are a huge number of water slides available if you want to hold your party in the warmer months.

Fun Crew also has a wide variety of carnival games and carnival food, as well as the classic dunk tank so everyone can get a chance to dunk the boss!

No matter what you choose, these items can take basic corporate parties into something much more exciting. Give your employees something to talk about other than work the next time they gather around the water cooler.

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  • Jen Pack says:

    I have been put in charge of the summer corporate party for next year, and I want to start planning as early as possible so that it turns out great. I want it to be something really exciting that employees will talk about for a long time. I like the idea you gave of renting a water slide so that family members of employees can cool down. I think another fun idea would be to go to a celebrity impersonator show. That would be a fun way to let loose and have fun together.

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