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Obstacle Courses are a Popular Attraction

By September 30, 2016August 1st, 2017Resources
Obstacle Course Attractions

When it comes to throwing a party, planners want to make sure they have certain things in order. Good food and drink, for one. Tasteful decorations, for another.

But nothing may prove as important as the entertainment.

People at parties want far more activities than in the past – we have become a much more active society than in the past. And when it comes to popularity, nothing may please a party crowd more than an obstacle course

Inflatable obstacle courses offer a good choice for large gatherings. They are a safe, fun way for party goers to challenge themselves against an amazing variety of courses, as well as against an opponent.

Television and Contests Lift Popularity

Part of the reason that obstacle courses have become so much bigger rests with television. There have been a proliferation of shows where contestants deal with obstacles and opponents, such as “American Ninja Warrior” and “Wipeout.”

“Wipeout” on its own has raised a lot of interest in obstacle courses. Contestants face challenges such as the wrecking ball, sweeper and tumble tubes. There are now live events that include obstacles from the show.

Many people travel to compete in the biggest obstacle competitions, including the Tough Guy competition in England and the Tough Mudder competition. The latter features between 20 and 25 obstacles and is held in locations around the world.

Tough Mudder prides itself on stressing camaraderie over breaking track time records. Those who participate sign pledges that emphasis teamwork over course time – and a vow not to whine.

Obstacle Course Rentals

Of course, for most people the most challenging obstacle course they ever will face likely is at your party. Fortunately, companies such as Fun Crew USA in Orlando offer plenty of choices for those looking to challenge their guests.

Options, taken from the Fun Crew USA site, include:

Tropical Obstacle Course. This one features three different courses rolled into one rental and the ability to modify the course as you see fit. Many different people can use the courses at once because of its size. Obstacles including pop ups, tunnels and climbing walls. You also have the ability to stack one course after the other, creating a monster 120-foot long course.

Half Rush Express. This one features a ton of obstacles in a compact package. Only 32 feet long, this course features 64 feet of obstacles, including tunnels, climbing walls and double lane slide.

Rock Climb Slide and Extreme Obstacle Course. We saved the most intense for last. This course features 70 feet of obstacles – pop ups, rock wall climbs, tunnels. It also works well for head-to-head competitions, which you know at least some of the people at your party will want to do.

Those are just of the examples of obstacle courses you can rent for your party. All will elevate your get together into something that those in attendance will never forget – and isn’t that exactly what you want?

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