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New Year’s Eve Block Party

By December 15, 2019August 7th, 2020Resources
New Year’s Eve Block Party | Family Friendly NYE Celebration Ideas

If your plan is to stay in your neighborhood on New Year’s Eve, you’re not alone. Millions of people each year decide to ring in the New Year at home, surrounded by friends and family. That’s why many people hold a New Year’s Eve Block Party.

A family-friendly event can give everyone a safe place to go where they can still have fun. The following looks at some ideas that can make your New Year’s Eve Block Party the best one you’ve ever thrown.

New Year’s Eve Block Party Ideas

Every neighborhood has its own unique features and people. But the following New Year’s Eve Block Party idea are universal. Taken together, they can make your party even more fun for the whole family.

Divide the Party. If you want to have a party just for adults, move it upstairs or somewhere separated from the kids. But give the kids the most space!

Tinsel Ball Drop. Make your own glittering New Year’s Eve ball using a ball covered with tinsel and sparkles and use it for a cool table centerpiece.

LED Ping Pong Game RentalGlow in the dark games. As the sun goes down and the kids fight sleep, a glow in the dark game could provide the entertainment they need to keep them going until midnight. For example, a LED Ping Pong table is perfect for night time fun.

Make Food Simple. If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party at home  you’ll need plenty of food. But it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Put together some easy-to-make dishes, such as pizza, wings, mozzarella bites, and vegetable trays. Or, you can add popcorn machines or frozen drinks to give your party unique treats.

Fun Games. This is one of the trending New Year’s Eve party ideas that can make your party even more memorable. The idea is to give everyone a chance to enjoy playing games together as they end the old year and ring in the new one.

Selfie Station. If there isn’t a selfie station, then the event didn’t really happen! OK, that’s technically not true.  But in today’s world, we all know it kind of is. The Magic Mirror selfie station gives your guests a chance to personalize all the images they take at your party.

family friendly NYECupcake sparklers. If you want to use sparklers for your New Year’s Eve Block Party, consider putting them into cupcakes. That way everyone not only has a sparkler, but their own sweet treat to welcome the New Year. That’s next level thinking.

Toasting With Milk and Cookies. Champagne might be tradition, but it’s your party. Make the big toast to ring in the New Year with glasses filled with milk and garnished with a cookie. No one will forget it and the kids will love it (as will many of the adults).

Put some of these ideas into play to make your New Year’s Eve Block Party both family friendly and fun for everyone. Happy New Year to you and your family from Fun Crew USA!

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