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The New Obstacle Course Rentals Your Guests Want

By October 17, 2017Resources
The New Obstacle Course Rentals Your Guests Want

Obstacles are not something usually mentioned in a positive way. After all, they are basically problems you have to find a way to get around. Except, that is, when it comes to party rentals. Then getting around obstacles is actually what makes them fun. Things have come a long way since military training included obstacle courses for recruits to tackle, testing their strength and fortitude. New obstacle course rentals still test your strength and fortitude, but it’s all in good fun.

New Obstacle Course Rentals

Make that good, competitive fun. Obstacle courses are great for large gatherings such as company and neighborhood parties because they give those with a competitive streak a chance to face off against one another.

And even if they go it alone, party guests will find themselves challenged by the kind of obstacle courses now available. Be sure to check out all the options on the Fun Crew USA site.

It’s also a great way to facilitate team building at corporate parties. Working together in teams, co-workers can race each other – and there’s plenty of opportunity for working together to win.

Here are a few of the choices.


This is the latest, coolest version of the new obstacle course rentals. Essentially, it’s a giant treadmill, but with a few twists. For one thing, it’s 15 feet long. For another, it sits at a 27 degree incline. That means running up it is not as easy as it might look when you first see the Adrenalator. This is one of the most challenging new obstacle course rentals available. It’s also safe. There’s an impact resistant floor below the belt that guests run on to absorb the blow if someone falls. Two operators – one at the top of the slide, one below – also have hand-held devices that can stop the ride at the press of a button.

Vertical Rush

It has the name for a reason. While most obstacle courses stretch out horizontally at great length, this one requires users to negotiate obstacles as they make their way up 25 feet into the air. That includes tunnels and a rock climbing wall. The payoff is getting to come down the big slides on either side of the Vertical Rush. Another cool feature: This one can be combined with other rentals to create one giant obstacle course.

Tropical Obstacle Course

The name comes from the tropical decorations, including inflatable palm trees and palm fronds. But the real attraction is how big this is, giving guests a lot of obstacles to get through (and over and under). The Tropical Obstacle Course actually combines three courses, creating 120 feet of sheer fun. The design also allows flexibility in how the course is set up, giving party planners a chance to create the best course for their guests.

Ultimate Obstacle Challenge

You know it has to be cool if it has a name like that. Fortunately, this rental lives up to the hype. This one asks party guests to weave around pop ups, crawl through tunnels and climb up walls, all leading to the slides at the end of the course.

Rock Climb Slide and Extreme Obstacle Course

Once again, here’s an obstacle course rental that lives up to its name.  This one looks like something out of “American Ninja Warrior.” Party guests have tunnels to crawl through and rock walls to climb, all combined in a colorful, 70-foot long course. The high point is literally the high point of the course – an inflatable climbing wall that guests have to get up and over.

Obstacle courses are great fun for all parties, and a great way to team build at a company party. Make sure to check out all the options and find the inflatable obstacle course that is perfect for your get-together.

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