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Military Base Party Rentals: Renting From a Trusted Event Company

By March 28, 2019Resources
Military Base Party Rentals: Renting From a Trusted Event Company

When looking for military base party rentals, most military personnel will first check with MWR – the Morale, Welfare and Recreation department – to see if they have what they need. If not, the next step is to look for a trusted event company outside the base for rentals.

To provide military base party rentals, companies must first pass a background check. Fun Crew USA in Central Florida is among those that have passed the check and now can provide rentals for parties on military bases.

MWR Options

The first step in planning any military base party is to check with the local MWR to see if they have what is needed for the party. MWR provides a great service to military personnel, offering programs and hosting events and parties that support military personnel and their families.

The MWR services for the 6th Force Support Squadron at MacDill Air Force offers a good example of the type of programs that MWR offers.

However, a base’s MWR department might not have the type of rentals you need for a big party. That’s where military party planners can turn to outside event companies to meet their rental needs.

Trusted Rental Partners

To supply rentals for a military base party, companies will need to have completed a background check. Once completed, this opens a ton of options for military base party rentals.

They include:

Extreme attractions. This is where the action is. The possibilities range from skateboard and snowboard simulators to mechanical bulls, laser tag, Zorb tracks, zip lines, bungee trampolines, and rock walls. And that’s just scratching the surface of a long line of cool, extreme rentals.

Water slides. Summer parties at the base can only improve with the presence of water slides. There are many choices in this area. The classic dunk tank is also available if there’s someone willing to get dunked!

Carnival games. This is the perfect addition for family-oriented events or those who wish to recreate the atmosphere of a fair or carnival. There are plenty of games to rent, including new twists on classics like LED Ping Pong or new entertainment such as Live Drive RC Racing.

Bounce houses. You have to give the kids some fun, and bounce houses take care of that issue in style. Find the bounce house that will best please the kids in your life, from superheroes to princess castles.

Outside Guests on Base

You can also invite people who don’t live on base to come to the party. Bases have varying rules governing letting people on the base, so it’s important to first check with your base to know the procedures.

Inviting people may require them having a photo ID and getting a pass for their vehicle if they plan to drive it onto the base. Some bases may also require a background check for visitors. There are also strict restrictions on carrying firearms.

Inviting guests and getting military base party rentals is not as difficult as it’s been in years past. The key is to know the procedures for your base and work with an outside rental company that’s been cleared to deliver and set up entertainment rentals on military bases.

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