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June Wedding in Central Florida

By June 1, 2020July 29th, 2020Resources
June Wedding in Central Florida | Summer Wedding Planning Tips

Couples who plan a summer wedding in Florida face the possibility of both the best and worst Mother Nature offers, as well as unique challenges in some of the best wedding spots. To properly prepare for a June wedding in Central Florida, it’s critical to consider heat and humidity, rules on beach weddings, the potential for rain and (as with every wedding) the cost.

The following represent issues that, if you think about them in advance and make a plan, can take a great deal of stress out of your June wedding in Central Florida. Florida is a great place to live and a fantastic place to get married, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Weddings And The Florida Heat

No one knows very far in advance how hot it will get on your wedding day. But one thing’s for sure, though. It will definitely be hot. The number of couples in Florida surprised by chilly temperatures on their June wedding day is zero. Keep in mind that while Floridians are used to heat and humidity, any guests from out of state will feel like stepping outside is like stepping into a sauna.

If you have the wedding or the reception outside, you will want a tent to protect guests from direct sunshine. Also, a staple of outside weddings in Florida is holding them in the evening as the temperature cools, shadows lengthen, the light becomes tinged in gold and the skies melt into red, purple, orange and yellow. That’s a much better scenario than midday or the afternoon.

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Florida Beach Weddings

People love to have June weddings in Central Florida on the beach because 1) it’s gorgeous and 2) where else in the world do you have access to so many great beaches? If the beach is your June wedding dream, you have research ahead of you. You can’t just show up on the beach with a bunch of people and wedding rings.

Each beach is controlled by a local jurisdiction and will have different rules and requirements for holding a wedding. This also applies to public parks with beach access. There also will be issues around protection of wildlife, such as sea turtles. Make sure to contact local authorities, or have a wedding planner do it.

Again, the evening is a perfect time, especially if you are on a Gulf Coast beach. Nature will provide a perfect sunset backdrop.

Rain and Florida Weddings

It rains a lot in Florida in the summertime, often accompanied with lightning, thunder and maybe a gust of wind or two. Anyone who lives in Central Florida knows about the summer afternoon showers. Even though they are more likely later in the summer, it’s best to have a Plan B for your June wedding.

Plan B usually involves an indoor venue. Because of the many visitors to Florida each year, there are many options in this area. You’ll want someplace with plenty of seating, great air conditioning and plenty of natural light. Many places offer both indoor and outdoor venues.

The Florida Wedding Budget

Florida offers summer wedding options at all budget levels. There are venues that offer indoor and outdoor wedding venues, as well as beach access. Another benefit of renting out a location is that someone else handles the setup and the cleanup after the wedding and reception. Otherwise, that task falls to your friends and family. Of course, that all comes with a hefty price tag. On the other end of the budgetary scale, public parks offer beautiful spots at a modest cost. As with weddings anywhere in the world, the smart move is to sit down in advance, determining what you can pay and then stick to it.

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Entertainment for Central Florida Weddings

Speaking of budget, this is another area where you have more options than ever. Much like food and drink, the options on wedding entertainment for your reception now include everything from your own personal beatbox machine to zorb tracks, zip lines and mechanical bulls fitted with hammerhead sharks. You can turn that reception into something everyone talks about forever.

Among all the U.S. states, Florida has more beautiful settings, but also unique challenges. Take them into account beforehand and you’ll enjoy your June wedding in Central Florida with a lot less stress and anxiety. That goes for you and the people planning the wedding, too!

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