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How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt

By April 1, 2020July 29th, 2020Resources
How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt | Neighborhood Easter Party Ideas

For parents or neighborhood event coordinators looking to have a good time during Easter holiday, having an egg hunt ranks among the best Easter party ideas. If you are looking for ideas on how to plan an Easter egg hunt, you’re going to need plenty of participants, a large area, plenty of hiding places, a variety of eggs and time to plan.

If you’ve never overseen the plan for an Easter egg hunt, you are in for a treat. It’s a simple, time-honored way for kids to have a great time over the Easter weekend. Check out the following ideas and tips for making your Easter party idea a reality!

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Pick A Time and Date

When planning a neighborhood party, you will know everyone on the guest list, making it much easier to plan your Easter egg hunt. Find out the best time over the weekend for everyone to participate. While it’s traditional to have the hunt on Easter Day, it’s not a requirement. Also, get a count of how many kids will participate, so you know how many baskets, eggs and other treats you will need.

Pick a Place

If your neighborhood has a great park or community center, now is the time to take advantage of one or the other. This is the tricky part – you want a place that’s big, but not so big that the little ones will never find any eggs. Rope off a smaller area for the smallest kids if there are many of them. Make sure to have a Plan B with an inside location in case the weather turns on you.

Get Plenty of Eggs

You’re going to need a lot of eggs! Choose hard boiled ones that have been painted – that’s traditional. But you’ll also want chocolate ones and plastic ones filled with candy (jellybeans or more chocolate!). Also, stock up on baskets for those who don’t bring one.

Hide the Eggs

On the morning of the hunt, hide all the eggs. If you end up using real eggs, keep a list of where you hide them. In case they aren’t all found, you’ll want to collect them so no rotten eggs are left behind. You can make the hunt more exciting by hiding one golden egg that contains a special prize, like money or a special chocolate bunny.

Before the Hunt Starts

If you have many kids of different ages, separate them so the youngest can start first. That way, they’ll have a chance to find eggs before the older ones start (or, as mentioned above, have a separate area for the youngest egg hunters). Make sure the kids understand the boundaries of the “hunting area” and how long the hunt will last. You may also want to set a limit on the number of eggs each kid can collect.

Save Back Some Prizes

A must-do Easter party idea is to hold on to some candy-filled eggs, jellybeans and other goodies for the kids who show up late and the ones that end up not finding that many eggs. You don’t want them to feel left out when the kids start eating their candy.

That’s all you need to plan an Easter egg hunt. It’s a fun away for family and friends to spend part of the Easter holiday together, and it keeps alive a tradition that’s been going on for many, many years!

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