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How To Enjoy The Super Bowl When You Hate Football

By January 15, 2018Resources
How To Enjoy The Super Bowl When You Hate Football

You may not like football, but you don’t want to miss the Super Bowl party, right? You’re not alone.

Super Bowl Lovers & Football Haters

Plenty of people will walk into a Super Bowl party the first weekend in February who don’t know the difference between a man or zone defense or how to tell the shotgun formation from the I formation.

They are the same people who felt their eyes glaze over reading the preceding paragraph.

Never fear! Even those of us who like football admit there are many, many more people who do not. So, here are some tips for those who are clueless about the game but want to enjoy the party.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

If you want to focus on the game, just find the group of people sitting close to the TV. When they shout, “Oh, come on, ref,” just say, “I know! I can’t believe it.” While you can go down a very deep hole trying to understand football strategy, knowing enough to enjoy the game is not rocket science.


Oh man, the food. More than Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday, Super Bowl Sunday allows people to check the diet at the door and dive into chips, dip, chicken wings and (if you’re lucky) someone has rented a popcorn machine.


Advertisers spend millions creating television spots for the Super Bowl. They’re actually pretty fun to watch. In fact, many of them are better than the game itself. Here’s one of the most famous ones of all time right here. Although this one from Volkswagen is the best.

A Friendly Wager

You ever notice how your interest in something increases by many magnitudes when you have placed a wager on the outcome? That’s why casinos are packed from coast-to-coast. If you want to get into the game, make a few friendly bets on the outcome with others at the party.


Hopefully, whoever is throwing the party decided to add a few elements for those who don’t want to watch television for five-plus hours. Like the kids, for instance. Here are some hints for party planners: something like these games or maybe even something football-themed.

Halftime Show

You can also treat the Super Bowl as an event where people on the field do something incomprehensible for a few minutes between commercials and the real centerpiece of the evening, the halftime show. Every year it features a famous musical artist. This year it’s Justin Timberlake.

Will any of this make the game itself fun for you? No, of course not! But you’re going for the party and all the other elements of the evening, not the game itself. Let the game-focused be the game-focused and just enjoy a good time.

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