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Summer Block Party: How to Host an Epic Neighborhood Event

By June 25, 2019July 9th, 2019Resources
Summer Block Party: How to Host an Epic Neighborhood Event

A summer block party is one of the best parts of summer. There’s no pressure like the gift-giving of the holidays or schoolwork for the kids. It’s a relaxing time of the year that gives you a fantastic opportunity to bring your neighbors and friends together.

Of course, putting a summer block party together is no picnic! It’s important to plan and make decisions on the kind of party you want to throw. The following are some ideas you can use to help make your party a bit better – and some reminders of timeless classics that are never a bad choice (yes, hotdogs, pizza, and burgers are mentioned below!).

Summer Block Party Planning

Before the party starts, you must get your plans in order. Without them, your party could quickly devolve into chaos. Or become boring, which is worse! For a neighborhood event, keep the following in mind. And remember to not try to do it all yourself. Make sure to have a strong group of volunteers. Also, look into any permits you might need if you plan on using a local park or holding the party in the street.


Set your guest list early because you’ll want to send out cool invitations. Of course, this means inviting everyone on your street – it’s a block party. The event gives you a terrific opportunity to get to know everyone in your little corner of the world. Extend invitations to other people in the neighborhood and special friends and family, too.


With a summer block party, it’s good to stick with the block party food basics. If there’s someone with awesome grilling skills, now is the time to shine. Cooking hotdogs and burgers remains a great choice for summertime. You’ll need bread, buns, ketchup, mustard, chopped onions and jalapenos – those alone can get it done. Pizza is another favorite, especially for kids and teens.

However, you want to also have some vegetarian and vegan options. A great way to cover this is to have one or two of the volunteers put in charge of organizing a potluck. That way, people can bring what they want to eat and sample other choices if they want.

You’ll want lots and lots of water at this event, too!


These days, a party rental company can supply you with everything you need for a summer block party. That includes water slides, obstacle courses, thrill rides, carnival games and all the items you need for set up. You can provide people with rock walls, zip lines and mobile jump stations. A place like Fun Crew USA is a one-stop-shop for everything you need for a big event.

Hosting the Event

As host, it’s your job to send out the invites and promote the event. Consider using your community’s Facebook page if they have one. You can even set up a page just for the event to share the time schedule, the type of food and drinks you plan to have and images of the event as it’s happening and after it ends.

Introducing People

One of the most overlooked aspects of hosting a neighborhood event is that it is your responsibility to make everyone comfortable and introduce new neighbors. That’s one of the wonderful things about a summer block party – they can be a place where people start lifelong friendships. Know going in who is new and who you need to “show around” to new friends and neighbors. It will be a huge help, especially for people who tend to be a bit shy in crowds.

Goodie Bags

Take the time to come up with goodie bags that reflect your neighborhood. You can do that with decorations (maybe the local school mascot) or by selecting items for the goodie bag that come from local businesses. It’s another opportunity to make new residents feel welcome and to help older residents continue with the sense of security and community that a great neighborhood brings those who live there.

These are some ideas to keep in mind as you get ready for your summer block party. Contacting a professional party rental company is a good first step. They can set you up with what you need to make your party a success.

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