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The History Around Zorbing

By February 12, 2017April 7th, 2021Resources
The History Around Zorbing | History of Human Hamster Wheel

If one thing is true about the history of the human race, it’s that people always find new and interesting ways to entertain themselves.

Moonwalks, Velcro Walls, zip lining and rock climbing walls represent just a handful of the many different games and fun entertainment people have invented through the years.

One of the latest is zorbing.

Zorbing involves people getting in a plastic ball, a kind of human hamster wheel, and propelling it forward by running or walking. Seem strange? It’s actually a lot of fun, and the popularity has continued to grow over the past few years.

History of The Human Hamster Wheel

You can even rent zorb balls from party companies such as Fun Crew USA in Orlando. In the case of Fun Crew USA, you can also get an inflatable track so two people can race each other inside the balls. It’s the sort of thing that can make a party all the more memorable.

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Zorbing History

Zorb Ball in Orlando FloridaIn addition to an interesting name, zorbing also has an interesting history.

The activity started in the 1980s. Taking a cue from the plastic hamster balls that had been around for years, the Dangerous Sports Club of England created a plastic ball that could do the same for humans. It included two chairs inside. It eventually was scrapped.

However, in New Zealand, friends Dwane van der Sluis and Andrew Akers later invented a plastic ball that humans could stand in, much like a hamster ball. The pair called the invention a zorb.

The idea was to roll down a gentle slope inside the ball, running to keep balance as the ball increased in speed. Zorb balls also became adapted to water. If sealed properly, people can engage in “water walking” inside a zorb ball. It has become particularly popular in England.

A zorb ball features one ball inside of another, with a layer of compressed air between them that absorbs the shocks experienced by running a zorb ball over land.

The zorb now has evolved into an obstacle course game, such as the one offered by Fun Crew USA.

Obstacle Courses (Wet or Dry)

Zorb Track

The rental from Fun Crew USA, called the Zorb Track, features two separate balls. People enter the balls, which are set at one end of an inflatable track. They then race the length of the track, going up hills and down slopes, picking up speed as they race for the finish line.

What is Extreme Zorbing?

The 85-foot long track can be set up on a flat or gently inclined surface, depending on how fast people want to go.

Although a relatively new addition to the extreme rental choices, the Zorb Track offers party goers a fun and unique experience. They prove a worthy addition to any party, and you can find out for yourself why people in England and New Zealand have been zorbing for years.

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