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Halloween Second Most Popular Holiday Among Young Americans

By August 1, 2017Resources
Halloween Popularity

Most people are still on summer vacation or getting ready to start the new school year.

However, this also is a great time to start making plans to throw a great Halloween party. It’s just a couple months away.

There is plenty of reason to put in the effort. Halloween has become of the most popular holidays in the country over the past decade. According to a Harris Poll, Halloween ranks as the third most popular holiday, behind Christmas and Thanksgiving. But among Millennials, it actually is second, beating out Thanksgiving.

That means more and more people want to throw a Halloween party. Luckily, party rental companies have kept up with the demand and have plenty of entertainment options to consider.

Before getting to the rental options, there are a few money-saving tips to consider for your party.

Some Money-Saving Tips For Halloween Parties

There are a few different ways to dramatically cut costs for a Halloween party. Much of it means deciding what you want to do now, far in advance. Consider these tips.

Delegate. Even if you are in charge of the party, find a few people to delegate responsibility to so that you don’t end up doing everything yourself. That’s a recipe to be burned out by September.

Buy candy now. Candy is big deal for Halloween, obviously. Before prices shoot up as the holiday gets close, consider buying the candy now. And look to get huge bags of candy at discount prices, especially at some of the bigger box stores.

Look online. If you act early enough and buy in bulk, online retailers will offer big discounts for Halloween decorations.

Self-made costumes. This is especially fun for kids. Buying materials and using instructions from books or online sites and videos can help turn making a costume into a fun experience. The key is to start early so you are not rushed in mid-October.

Entertainment Options

All of these are taken from the Fun Crew USA site. The company specializes in large parties. That can include corporate parties, church and school functions or even big neighborhood parties. However, they also work well with backyard parties.

Some of the following can provide the perfect solution to Halloween party rentals.

Bounce Houses

This is aimed at parties where they will be a lot of young kids running around. There are many different themed bounce houses to choose from. No matter what theme you pick for your party, there’s a bounce house to match it.

These include superheroes such as Wonder Woman and Batman, pirates, Disney princesses, the Old West, a tropical island and sports. Building a theme for your Halloween party around any of these options is a smart move for the little ones.

Extreme Rides

Halloween is all about thrills and chills, right? So an extreme ride right in the middle of your party is a perfect addition.

The choices are many. You can rent a Ferris Wheel, a rock wall challenge that lights up at night, a mobile stunt jump and a Ballistic Carnival Swing. These choices might seem outside the box, but with the right Halloween decorations, they work perfectly.

Whichever theme you pick for your party, keep all the options in mind from party companies such as Fun Crew USA. It can elevate your party beyond just spooky and into something truly memorable.

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