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Getting Prepared for Summer Vacation

By April 25, 2016May 25th, 2016Resources
Summer Vacation Planning

Christmas vacation is great, and Spring Break has its charms, but there is no better time of the year to get away from it all than the Summer vacation.

Put another way: winter is for work, summer is for play.

Some of the top destinations include the amusement parks of Orlando, rock climbing, zip lines, and of course water parks and beaches around the world.

All are great choices, and you’ve earned it after a year of hard work. Sometimes, though, finances or scheduling conflicts make it difficult to reach the destination of your choice. That’s where the term “staycation” comes in – sometimes, sticking close to home is the best choice for summer vacation.

Summer Vacation: Making Your Staycation Special

While you might think that vacationing at home sounds dull, it doesn’t have to be. Times have changed, and thanks to the proliferation of party rental companies, it’s possible to make your summer staycation as entertaining as if you had laid out the big bucks for a trip.

Here are some vacation choices and ways to duplicate them in your own backyard. We’ve picked from choices at FunCrew USA, an Orlando company that specializes in providing unique entertainment options for parties.

Rock Climbing

This has become a favorite hobby of vacationers, mixing in some challenging physical activity with a relaxing vacation. Some of the choices include:

Rock Wall Rental. This 24-feet high rock wall provides challenges for both beginners and experienced climbers. There’s even a bell at the top to ring when you reach it, proving to everyone you’ve got what it takes.

Multi Station Climbing Challenge. This is the top level rock wall rental for those who want a challenge. There are three faces to climb, and each one is considered “extreme.” It’s even good for night parties, with LED lights on the railings and rocks to add a whole new dimension to the experience.

Thrill rides

These days, rentals are available that provide the excitement of rides at amusement parks. Some of the choices include:

Ferris Wheel. This is the real deal, a giant, 50-foot tall Ferris Wheel that seats up to 24 people per ride.

Reckless Ride. This ride spins your party guests so they experience G-Forces. Up to eight riders at the time are spun and tilted in a ride that equals what you will find at fairs or carnivals.

Mobile Stunt Jump. Leap from a platform that is 30 feet in the air and land on a giant inflatable cushion. What more needs to be said?

Zip Lines

There are many different choices of zip lines. At FunCrew USA, the top of the line choice is the Mobile Zip Line. Soaring three stories above the ground, and lasting for about 200 feet, this gives you the thrill of a zip line ride in the comfort of your own backyard. It also involves a five-point safety harness, it should be added!

Water Slides

As noted above, water parks are a staple of summer vacation planning. In this area, maybe more than any other, party rentals can help you have the same experience at a fraction of the cost. The choices are vast, but here are a few.

Pipeline Water Slide. As the name suggests, this mammoth, 32-foot high slide allows you to go 85 feet down a slide and through a “pipeline” tunnel at the end. One of the newest slides available.

Mungo Wave Water Slide. This one features a double drop slide that starts at 22 feet high. You drop down the slide and plunge into a pool that features a rip curl at the end. One of the fastest slides available.

Double Lane Super Splash. Long, dual lanes allow your party guests to race each other, which you know they are going to want to do (particularly if there are men or boys, or both, at your party).

Typhoon Water Slide. There is more than 85 feet of water slide on this one, which begins by dropping riders into a 360-degree turn through a tunnel before plunging them into yet another tunnel and then a long splash lane.

So, we’ve only scratched the surface here, but clearly party rentals have come a long way. You can now have the fun of a summer vacation on the road right at your own home. It’s definitely something to consider before you start booking airplane tickets and hotels!

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