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Fun Wedding Ideas That You’ll Love

By March 20, 2018Resources
Fun Wedding Ideas That You’ll Love

One of the things that can get lost in preparing for the modern wedding is the simple fact that it’s meant to be a joyous occasion. Sometimes it becomes filled with dread, anxiety and stress because of over planned wedding ideas and unrealistic expectations.

Just watch an episode of “Bridezilla” to see what we mean.

Stress Free Wedding Ideas

Here at Fun Crew USA we understand the need for fun. It’s in our name, after all. And like any other get together, weddings are no exception. If anything, a wedding should be one of the most fun occasions anyone ever attends.

While there are plenty of ideas available out there for dresses, tuxedos, floral arrangements and how to seat everyone at the wedding dinner, we wanted to focus on some wedding ideas that are just sheer fun. Consider these ideas when planning the Big Day.

Field Day

Tradition calls for men to go to bachelor parties and women to go to bachelorette parties before the wedding. Tradition is silly. A better idea is to have everyone get together for a field day of games and fun. Throw in a game of Tug of War and a tropical drink machine. Or maybe some Giant Jenga. And then, yes, off to your separate parties, if you must.

Bride Bounce

Bounce houses at weddings are a thing, now. And even if they weren’t, they’d still be fun. You have a gazillion choices in bounce houses, from pirates and princesses to superheroes and sports. Put a little bounce into your wedding party.

Music Requests

People like to dance. They especially like to dance when “their song” plays. Give people the chance to request specific songs at the wedding party, right there on the RSVP. And you can also allow people to create their own dance tunes with the Beat Box Machine, which provides 40 different blocks of encoded beats and rhythms that you can mix to your heart’s desire.

Waffle Bar

This explains itself. It’s never a bad idea in almost any situation. Come to think of it, so is a donut wall.

Selfie Machine

Pictures from the wedding are always a big thing. Odds are, you’ve got the formal ones all taken care of. But what about party pic opportunities for the guests? A Magic Mirror allows for selfies with style, including putting your name right on the photo. It makes the photo booths of old look, well, old. You might consider handing out some sparklers, too, to add some visual style for that nighttime wedding party.

Hire A Food Truck

Fancy caterers are cool, sure. But who doesn’t like the moment when they see a tasty food truck? Treat your guests to that experience by hiring a truck that serves your favorite food, whether it’s gyros or tacos.

Those ideas should get the imagination going. Whether you pick any of the above – although it’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t want a Magic Mirror or waffles – just remember to inject some fun into the Big Day.

That’ll make looking back at those photos many years later that much better.

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