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How to Find the Best Obstacle Course Bounce House

By August 28, 2019Resources
How to Find the Best Obstacle Course Bounce House | Inflatable Rentals

In a world with so many new inventions every year, it’s easy to miss ideas that actually impact your everyday life in a fun way. An obstacle course bounce house combination fits into that category.

Obstacle courses have come a long, long way. They now can offer more features than a whole park used to offer. That includes rock walls, slides, and tunnels.

Obstacle courses typically are used by older kids and adults, although there are exceptions. Many savvy consumers are now going for an obstacle course bounce house attraction by adding a bounce house to an obstacle course for their party.

Obstacle Course Bounce House Options

The options when choosing an obstacle course are astounding. They come in all sizes and shapes. They can even be fit together to create a larger course. You can also choose a course with a difficulty level that best matches your guests’ abilities.

However, before making a choice, it’s important to consider the following factors. Most of them involve the location of the event, which is a crucial factor in what you can use.

Is The Event Inside?

If you’re planning an outside event, then typically you’ve got plenty of space to do whatever you’d like. However, if you are inside a building, you might have limited space. If that is the case, consider some of the more compact options. Luckily, modern design packs a lot of obstacle course into a small space.

What Age Are The Guests?

Little kids love obstacle courses as much as older kids and adults. But they can’t handle some of the obstacles the more challenging courses offer. Keep in mind who you expect to be running through the course. You want them to be challenged but to also have fun, not feel frustrated.

How About a Wet Option?

If it’s summertime or another warm month, you might want to consider pairing an obstacle course with a water slide. There are many choices in water slides, many of which have slip and slides that can add fun to your party.

Adding a Bounce House

At every event, from church fundraisers to neighborhood block parties and corporate events, there is a need to find something for the small children to do. Renting a bounce house solves that issue in one step.

No matter what the kids are into, there is a bounce house to match their interests. That includes pirates, superheroes, princesses, rockets and the wild west. It’s all there. It’s just a matter of finding the right item to make your obstacle course bounce house combination work best.

If you are throwing a big party, it’s smart to consider adding a bounce house to your obstacle course. With just two items, you solve a lot of party planning issues. That’s a good thing for you and your guests!

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