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Why Event Rentals Make a Safe Choice For a Big Party

By October 1, 2017Resources
Why Rentals Make a Safe Choice For a Big Party

For anyone planning a big party, one of the chief concerns is making sure all the guests are safe.

Big Party Safety

This is especially the case with parties involving children. Parents and party planners want to make sure that every safety precaution is taken.

That’s where good party rental companies come into the picture. Those used to handling both large and small parties typically offer the type of help with setup and safety that can put your mind at ease.

Such is the case with Fun Crew USA. The Orlando-based company has years of experience in helping with the setup of parties, from backyard get-togethers to large company and college events.

Here are some of the areas that address set up safety, taken from the Fun Crew site.


Fun Crew rentals come with a list of rules and regulations for certain rentals.

One of the most frequent rentals for parties where kids will be among the guests are bounce houses. Party rental companies have taken the time to write regulations for the use of bounce houses that assure safety for all involved.

Fun Crew even dedicates a page on its site to this issue. Among the safety procedures outlined on the page, many of which people might not think about, include the following:

  • Removing shoes before entering the bounce house
  • Removing change from pockets
  • Removing glasses and jewelry
  • No running or jumping through the door of the bounce house
  • Having people ready to respond if anchors come loose from the bounce house
  • No sitting or lying down when others are bouncing

Those are just a few of the safety rules. Fun Crew personnel also take the time to meet with renters and walk through the rules and regulations to ensure they understand how to keep party guests safe.

Set Up and Planning

Taking time to talk to renters is something that applies to all the Fun Crew rentals. Renters aren’t left on their own to figure things out. Fun Crew representatives work with each renter to ensure they understand all the rules and regulations around each rental.

However, the services goes beyond safety rules.

Big party rental companies such as Fun Crew work with each individual on planning their event. With the wide selection of rentals available, people often want the chance to go over the various possibilities with a professional.

The same applies to setting up and running rides. Fun Crew offers many rides that you would expect to only see at an amusement or water park. They include a Ferris Wheel, rock climbing walls, bungee trampolines and gigantic water slides and obstacle courses.

Fun Crew personnel not only help you pick out the right rentals, they also come to the party to help with set up. They also will stay and run a ride when appropriate, such as the Ferris Wheel or zip line rentals.

So, if you are considering going the rental route for your next party, put your mind at ease. Companies such as Fun Crew specialize in making parties both entertaining and safe.

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  • Ashley Maxwell says:

    Thanks for your comment about how renting a party rental venue is a good idea because you will know that it will be put together safely. I like how you said that this is a good way to not be worried if there are kids there with you. My friend is considering party rentals for her wedding reception that is safe for all guests to have a great experience.

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