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Easter Party Ideas: How to Host Easter

By March 21, 2019Resources
Easter Party Ideas: How to Host Easter | Trending Easter Planning Tips

Easter is a great holiday whether you observe it for secular or religious reasons (or incorporate both). Making the holiday special is a priority for many and can involve holding an Easter brunch, DIY crafts, DIY treats, Easter baskets and using social media posts to promote the fun.

As one of the most important holidays on the calendar, it’s a wonderful time for a church Easter party or a large family gathering. For those with younger kids, having an Easter egg hunt is a fantastic way to celebrate.

Here’s a look at some ways to make this Easter special.

Easter Party Brunch

A brunch is special with any occasion. With Easter, it’s as much tradition as luxury. Depending on your schedule, you’ll want to hold the brunch on Sunday or possibly Good Friday. When decorating for Easter, think of using pastels or soft colors. Pick Easter themes for plates, napkins, utensils to give the event a unified look. Typical food at an Easter Brunch includes:

  • Eggs (poached, fried, scrambled)
  • Muffins
  • Crepes
  • Potatoes (hash browns are an excellent choice)
  • Light meats – you can use chicken, beef or lamb, but keep it sliced thin and easy to serve
  • Bread
  • Fruit, there should be a large variety and large quantity

Easter Party Dinner

Bring on the heavier dishes. Easter dinner is a more opulent affair than brunch. Make the evening beautiful with candles and tasteful decorations. It’s clever to include decorative items that reflect Spring – fresh flowers as a centerpiece, for example – or serving fruit that is in season. The main dish is up to you, although with larger crowds you might want to consider a potluck with a variety of meats and vegetables.

Easter Egg Hunt

This is not complicated, but it has entertained children for generations. Part of the fun is taking the time to color the eggs with the kids. Then, you hide the eggs within a chosen space – a backyard or inside a house. Make sure to have plenty of Easter-theme decorations (flowers, bunnies, pastel colors). Each child should also have a wicker basket decorated with brightly colored ribbons. You’ll want to have some prizes for the kids, such as plastic eggs filled with chocolate – you can use these for the hunt, too, if you don’t have the time or inclination to color real eggs.

DIY Treats

DIY helps cut costs, and it’s also fun! Country Living offers a host of DIY treats you can make for your Easter party, including Tulip Cupcakes and Easter Rice Krispie Treats using pastel-colored M&Ms. Cookies that use Easter M&Ms also work well, as will combining them with popcorn or caramel corn. No one is going to complain when M&Ms are involved!

DIY Crafts

One of the trending ideas in recent years are Easter Trees. Using small trees from craft stores, you can hang pastel decorations and plastic eggs to create a holiday tree for the season. The most fun is with DIY eggs – drawing designs and dying eggs is some of the best fun kids will have during the entire weekend. Whether you use the eggs for the hunt or not, the decoration part is worth doing.

Easter Social Media Posts

If getting your party trending on social media is important to you then consider using a popular hashtag that Twitter recommends. They include what you might expect, such as #eastersunday. It’s worth the effort if you are an organization throwing an Easter party – Twitter reports that in 2016, there were 18.9 million Tweets related to Easter and 4.6 million Tweets related to Easter candy.

Popular Easter Basket Gifts

What about the all-important Easter basket gifts? What you offer depends on what kind of party you are throwing. Any type of Easter candy is going to prove popular for the kids and many of the adults, too. Don’t forget the classic Easter treat, Peeps. For more upscale ideas, think about giving away Easter baskets that are flower pots. For older adults, a “pampering” Easter basket is a fantastic idea – you can include bath products in the basket, such as specialty soaps and lotions.

Easter lends itself to many ways to celebrate. By planning ahead, you can enjoy the day even better.

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