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Creating a Graduation Party to Remember

By May 30, 2016Resources
Creating a Graduation Party to Remember

Graduation parties can set you back a tidy sum if you rent out a place to hold the event, but there are alternatives that are less costly and just as much fun.

One of those is to make use of the numerous party rental companies now available in Florida that can, for much less cost, convert your backyard into an amusement park or carnival to celebrate your child’s graduation.

Thanks to the excellent weather in Florida, holding such an event is easy to do. All you need is proper planning and knowledge on the kind of choices you have available.

For that second part, you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the rental options available, with a particular focus on concessions and thrill rides – two things a graduation party should not be without.

All of these ideas come from Fun Crew USA, an Orlando-based party rental company that specializes in large parties – but can also fulfill your needs for a smaller gathering.

Graduation Party Ideas: Extreme Attractions

Let’s face it: kids at a graduation party are going to want something fun and unusual to do. This is where extreme attractions come in.

Here are a few of the best options.

Mobile Stunt Jump. Everyone has seen trapeze artists or stunt men and women in movies do amazing leaps from big heights. Who wouldn’t want to do the same? This attractions features a mobile tower with stairs that lead to a platform that is 20 feet in the air. Below is a huge airbag that ensures your landing will be a soft one. Experts will set up the attraction, which comes with tons of safety features.

Mechanical Bull Ride. Mechanical bulls have been cool since “Urban Cowboy” came out years ago. Sure, the movie might seem dated now, but not the mechanical bull ride, which you can still find in numerous places out West, especially Las Vegas and Texas. This is certainly something no one is going to forget. The bull moves at different speeds based on the rider’s ability. And when you get thrown off – which you will – you will land in a 25-foot by 25-foot inflatable bed, ensuring that everyone has nothing but good memories and not painful ones!

Ferris Wheel. No one expects to go to a backyard or neighborhood party and ride a Ferris Wheel, but that’s exactly what you can do these days. The wheel spins riders 50 feet off the ground and comes with 12 double seats so you can hold two dozen people at once, making it a great choice if you have a lot of party guests.

Inflatable Gladiator Joust. You’re always telling the kids to stop fighting, but now you can tell them to let loose. This attraction is much like the one on “American Gladiator.” Two opponents face off inside a giant, inflatable area. They stand on pedestals and attempt to knock the other off using large padded poles. It’s perfectly safe and great for the competitive graduate in your family.

Concessions: Choose Wisely

No matter what the size of the event, everyone has to eat. These are just a few of the specialty concessions rentals that can kick your party to the next level.

Accessories. If you are going to have concessions, you will need tents, tables and chairs made just for concession stands. These are available for rental, as are inflatable sky dancers to give the event that extra fun party feel.

Food Machines. You can get mobile stands that hold machines that make all the classics for a large gathering. Those include popcorn, snow cones, cotton candy and frozen drinks.

Hot Dog Steamer. For those who want a bit more substance to their food, there is also a hot dog steamer available. This thing is heavy duty: it can handle up to 100 hot dogs at the time. Choose this and no one at your party is going to go hungry.

These are just some of the great choices available that can help the graduate in your family leave school in style. Make sure to check out what’s available from companies such as Fun Crew USA,

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