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Creating an Awesome 4th of July Party

By March 25, 2016May 25th, 2016Resources
4th of July Party

The Fourth of July is a great time to throw a party, maybe the best holiday to get together with friends, family and neighbors.

It’s also a great time for companies, neighborhood associations and churches to throw a get-together.

The 4th of July usually means warm weather and everyone in a good mood because the summer holiday is in full swing.

There also are now more choices than ever when it comes to making a party memorable. Depending on your crowd, you can find everything from giant water slides and obstacle courses to thrill rides.

But before getting into that, here are some basic decoration and food ideas.

Stocking the 4th of July Party

There are a few areas where you will want to focus on making your Fourth of July Party a hit.

Food: Don’t over think this! The obvious, All-American choice are hotdogs and lots of them, as well as hamburgers (invented in the United States, after all). Get the grill ready because the 4th of July isn’t the same without someone putting meat on a grill.

Drink: A made-in-America beer is a good choice if you have adult guests. Be sure to make that a good craft beer (local versions are available across the country these days) if your guests are particular. A red punch of some kind is also a good choice, be it Kool-Aid or some other brand. And at any party, at any time of the year, you always want a supply of bottled water.

Decorations: A garland or bunting in red, white and blue is never a bad choice for the United States’ birthday party. And you don’t have to spend much. One clever idea, from Reader’s Digest, is to take cloth in those three colors, cut them into strips and then tie them to a set of string lights (which you probably have lying around from Christmas).

American flags are clearly appropriate, but can get costly. Another good idea is take bandanas colored red, white and blue and simply hang them in a triangle shape from a line. Instant decoration! And of course there are a variety of decorations available, from the State of Liberty to patriotic-themed balloons and dinnerware.

Goody Bags: Another area where there are quick, easy and homemade methods. One good idea is to take candy in red, white and blue colors – Red Hots, blue milk chocolate balls and white chocolate bars, for example – and place them in a clear plastic bag. Make enough for one per party guest and you are good to go.

Fireworks: This is where things get tricky, depending on the crowd. There’s been an overall trend toward safer 4th of July fireworks at house parties. However, you can still entertain the kids with items such as fire-free sparklers.

Kicking It Up To Awesome Level

To really make the party memorable, think about renting entertainment attractions from party companies. Here are a few ideas, taken from the Fun Crew USA site in Orlando. These are especially important if you are throwing a large party for a school, church or neighborhood.

Water slide. Fun Crew USA alone has more than a dozen choices. If you want to go for the “wow” factor, consider the Typhoon Water Slide, which includes 85 feet of sliding and 360 degree turn. It’s like having an amusement park at your party.

Obstacle courses. These days, no one wants to just stand around at a party. Consider giving a challenge to those who want it with an obstacle course. One of the best is the Whole Rush Express Obstacle Course, which involves avoiding pop ups, flying down slides and even climbing a rock wall.

Thrill rides: This is for those who really want to make this a 4th of July party everyone will remember. There are many different, exciting rides to rent, including a Ferris Wheel, multi-station rock climbing walls, mechanical bull rides and surfing simulators. You can even rent a trackless train to move people around the party!

No matter what you rent, take advantage of what is now offered from party rental companies and make your 4th of July party a truly memorably one. You – and your guests – will be glad you did.

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