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Create the Perfect Disney Princess Party

By January 20, 2016May 25th, 2016Resources
Disney Princess Party

There are a few things you can actually count on this world, but here’s one that is a certainty: little girls love Disney princesses. It’s just a fact. That is why you want to learn how to create a perfect Disney princess party.

And that means if you, as the parent of a little girl, decide to throw a Disney princess party, you are going to be extremely popular and your child is going to be extremely happy. That’s what parents think of as a “win-win.”

But where to begin? Well, while you are creating your “Only Princesses Allowed” signs, here are a few other ideas to contemplate.

Disney Princess Party: Choosing a Princess

Obviously, your first move is to talk to your daughter and find out who her favorite princess is – for this month, anyway. With so many choices from Disney’s vast offerings of princess, you might find her mind changes as fast as the last TV commercial promoting one of the movies.

The safest course is to wait as late as possible before asking and settling one princess. And then make sure her party will be themed around that particular princess or group of princesses. Even if she changes her mind.

Thankfully, many of the party decorations, games and entertainment come with images of multiple princesses, so you can cover many bases all at once.

Invitations and Decorations

Once you are focused on one princess, it’s time to get the invitations. Luckily, there are many places to purchase Disney princess-themed invitations. You can even add a photo of your own little princess or include special V.I.P. passes.

Decoration are also plentiful. There are princess-themed cups and plates, napkins, garlands, wall banners and balloons that you can stack into a little princess castle. There are even ribbons and beads you can put on the backs of chairs to make the atmosphere as princess-like as possible.


This is the part where you want to elevate the party to something really memorable.

There are now many party rental companies that allow you to rent inflatable bounce houses and other attractions, all with a Disney princess theme. Here are a few examples from Fun Crew USA, a Central Florida party company.

3N1 Fairytale Combo. This one provides the girls with a castle of their own for the day – a castle that has a bounce house, a ladder to climb to the castle top and a slide to come back down on.

Frozen Bounce House. The movie “Frozen” was a huge hit with audiences and continues to be a popular favorite. This one is a large bounce house that features all the favorite characters from the movie, including Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and of course the reindeer, Sven. It also comes with easy viewing on all sides so parents can keep an eye on the kids.

Frozen Bounce House Combo. This is one of those times where “combo” really means something, because this rental combines no less than 5 different entertainment areas. They include a bouncing area, 8-foot slide, climbing wall, basketball hoop and obstacle course.

No matter which princess your daughter loves or what you decide to rent, it’s hard to go wrong with a princess party for little girls. Parents with older children can tell you that this is a phase they eventually will grow out of, so it’s smart to take advantage of the princess fascination while it lasts.

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