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Team Building At The Corporate Holiday Event

By October 12, 2017Resources
Team Building At The Corporate Holiday Event

Party planning & event rental companies long ago put to rest the idea that a Corporate Holiday Event has to be boring. You know the drill – some punch, some cookies, some sandwiches cut into triangles.

But even though companies no longer have a reason not to give their employees some fun at the office holiday party, many still have not taken complete advantage of what a company like Fun Crew USA has to offer.

Corporate Holiday Event Planning

In reality, any office party can include an element of team building with the rentals that are available. The Corporate Holiday Party need not be an exception. Even though most people are exhausted by the time the holiday parties roll around – exhausted from the holidays themselves – party rental companies can make it easy.

For example, Fun Crew USA provides not only a wide variety of outstanding rentals, they also provide party planning services. That can take a lot of the pressure off company employees trying to put the party together. Turn it over to the professionals!

Any holiday party can feature great decorations, thrilling rides, an adult-drink station and other cool amenities. But here, we will focus on a few games and rentals that could help support the camaraderie that every business leader wants their employees to feel.

Competitive Games

More and more company parties feature games such as scavenger hunts or races. That’s all well and good, but there are rentals that provide games where people can work together on teams to try to beat the competition.

Fun Crew USA offers tons of games that can be played one-on-one or in teams. They range from Twister Bouncy to Bowl A Rama. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just good fun.

And don’t overlook good, old-fashioned Tug of War. If you think having two teams pull on a rope and attempt to get their flag across the line first seems boring, you’ve never actually participated in Tug of War. Just put people from different departments on each end and see what happens.

Obstacle Courses

Fun Crew USA offers a bevy of challenging obstacle courses. By dividing into groups and taking on the challenge together, co-workers can find ways to get the best results while working as a team. And yes, these courses offer challenges. Just look at the Adrenalator or Vertical Rush. Nothing brings people together like that kind of challenge.

Zorb Track

This thing is cool just on its own, but it takes on a new dimension if people work in teams. The object is to get inside a clear, completely enclosed inflatable ball and then roll it down a track. Yes, sort of like a human hamster. The whole thing will bring out people’s competitive spirit – and more importantly give everyone a lot of laughs.

Extreme Attraction Rentals

Many of the extreme rentals from Fun Crew USA are great for team building or one-on-one competition. They include a multi-station rock wall, mechanical bull, the Big Baller and the inflatable gladiator joust.

You get the picture. Having fun games and rides available for employees gives everyone something to do as well as offering a chance to get to know fellow employees better. That’s a good thing and goes a long way toward team building.

And it’s way, way better than punch and cookies.

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