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Blowing Off Steam: Creating a Fun College Fall Festival

By October 19, 2016Resources
Fun College Fall Festival

Summer offers students a break from the routine of school work, but by August most feel ready to take on the challenge of classes, tests, projects and homework.

And then comes fall, and everyone feels ready for another break.

Why not? Students face a lot of challenges in college, and the grinding cycle of studying, taking tests and then waiting to see how they did can take a toll.

That’s why many schools – and student organizations on campus – offer a college fall festival that gives everyone a chance to relax and have some safe, group-based fun just for the sake of enjoying themselves.

College Fall Festival: Engaging Students

The need to blow off steam has been met in a variety of ways by colleges throughout the years, but the fall festival is something of a staple. Certain time-tested options have stay popular, and most fall festivals have an almost fair kind of atmosphere.

With the options now available from party supply companies, such as Fun Crew USA in Orlando, colleges have more choices than ever in providing a good time at a fall festival.

The following show examples of rentals available, all taken from the Fun Crew site.

Go Big

Why not provide some plus-sized entertainment for the students? Here are some choices sure to get the job done.

Ferris Wheel. Yes, you can rent an actual Ferris Wheel. The one from Fun Crew stands 50 feet tall, with 12 seats allowing 24 riders. The world looks better from that high off the ground, students will love it. And the Fun Crew team handles the setup, take down and operation.

Velcro Wall. Ever since David Letterman, wearing a Velcro suit, jumped off a trampoline and stuck to a wall on his show in 1984, everyone has wanted to do the same. They cannot be blamed. Until you’ve actually tried do this, and thrown in a few fun slips and twists, you have no idea what you are missing.

Quarterback Toss and Speed Pitch. Both of these games provide students the chance to try their hand at hitting a target with either a regulation football or a baseball. With football in full season and baseball still in the playoffs, a fall festival is a good time to focus on either sport.

Games and Food

College students – like students at every level – can feel pretty competitive even when having a good time. So, when planning a fall festival, it is wise not to overlook providing some games to play. And food, of course.

Carnival games have remained carnival games because they have a time-tested appeal. Party rental companies have a large selection to choose from – Fun Crew has more than 50 – including these classics:

  • Midway Darts
  • Midway Knock Down Carnival Game
  • Skee Roll
  • Hi Striker Bell Ringer
  • Hole In One golf game
  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Apple Roll Carnival Gam

As for food, you can rent machines for cotton candy, Sno Kones, popcorn and hotdogs.

Obviously, more choices than ever exist for fall festival organizers. Give the students a break and provide them with a fall festival that will allow them to blow off some steam and have an experience they will always remember.

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