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Central Florida Graduation Party Rentals

By May 8, 2020July 29th, 2020Resources
Central Florida Graduation Party Rentals | Fun for High School Grads

For both parents and graduates, a graduation party ranks among the most memorable parties they will ever experience. A graduation party requires detailed planning, from picking a date and ordering invitations to providing food and offering exciting graduation party rentals.

For those looking to provide plenty of fun for high school grads, entertainment rentals such as a Zorb, water slides and obstacle courses will give them a memorable end to their high school years. More graduation party rentals are available than ever before, giving parents and their graduates plenty of choices.

Planning For A Graduation Party

The first step to a great graduation party is to make a detailed plan. Since graduation is a time of both remembering the past and welcoming the graduate’s future, keeping those emotions in mind can help you better plan. One sure way to make sure the graduate enjoys the big day is to have them join you for party planning. The following areas are ones to consider.

Pick a date. Make sure that none of your graduate’s best friends are having a party on the same date. Or, you could plan for an “open house” event where kids travel from house to house on one big graduation party day.

Pick a location. For most people, the best location is right in the backyard. But if you decide on an indoor venue or park, make sure to check about any fees you must pay in advance or any permits you might need. If you pick an outdoor spot, it’s smart to have a backup location.

Set a budget. Create a party budget and determine how much you are willing to spend. Some of the costs you need to consider include the cost of invitations, decorations, entertainment, graduation party rentals, catering party favors and food.

Invites. There are many unique ways to invite people to a graduation party. Make it fun and memorable because it is one-of-a-kind.

What is Extreme Zorbing?

Food. Ordering food from a caterer is often the way to go. If you plan to cook, make sure to plan ahead and set aside significant amounts of time to shop and cook.

Music. Let the graduate pick the music. That’s going to be one of the most important things for them.

Entertainment Options For Graduation Parties

This is where the parents and graduates of today have more choices than in the past. Graduation party rentals have flourished in the past decade. You now can turn your party into a giant carnival, offer thrill rides and create many kinds of fun for high school grads.

The following are five excellent examples. Each offers a great “icebreaker” for older kids at a party and will keep them entertained. This also will keep them off their phones – unless they are taking photos and videos of the action!


Offering party guests the chance to try extreme zorbing is going to give them an experience like no other. To do zorbing, you are placed inside a giant, clear plastic ball designed to roll over terrain as you run or walk inside. Most people use it to roll downhill, over water or to race.

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The Adrenalator® Challenge will give the graduate and all their friends a fun physical test. This thrilling entertainment requires you to run up a giant 15-foot treadmill at a 27 degree incline. The dual tracks let people race other to see who can be the first to the top!

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Big Baller

This entertainment is built on the design from the “Wipeout” TV show. The Wipeout Big Baller requires that you climb a nine-foot incline to a platform, then cross to another platform by leaping across four giant, inflated balls. Each one is ready to pitch you in a different direction depending on which way you lean. This one provides guaranteed fun for high school grads.

Unique Ways to Invite People to a Party

Adult Water Slides

You can take the graduate and her friends to a waterpark without ever leaving your backyard. Today’s big water slides offer all the thrills you get in a big park, without the lines and crowds. Slides such as the Rampage, Pipeline and Vertical Rush are giant inflatables that will wow your high school party guests.

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Obstacle Courses

The obstacle course challenge presented by modern, inflatable obstacles make for great graduation party rentals. They provide hours of fun for high school grads, with a complex series of tunnels, pop-up, walls and slides. They also can be customized by linking different courses together.

A graduation party is a special time for parents and students alike. By taking the time to plan and finding the right graduation party rentals, you can create memories that everyone will cherish forever.

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