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The New Trend Around Carnival Themed Weddings

By August 23, 2016Resources
Carnival Themed Weddings

Some couples like traditional weddings in churches, while others prefer tying the knot in a beautiful outdoor setting – beaches, mountains or on the ocean aboard a ship. And then, there are those who like carnival themed weddings.

Yes, weddings that are based around a carnival theme have become increasingly popular in recent years. Why? Because carnivals are cool. Plus they evoke a lot of good memories for many people.

And besides, they are a lot more fun than standing around, eating mints and getting a drink from the punch bowl.

Some Carnival Wedding Ideas

The more people who are adopting carnival themed weddings, the more interesting ideas people are coming up with.

Some have converted old barns into an inside carnival (no worries about rain). Others festoon the wedding area with large helium balloons. Another good idea is offering “fun photo” opportunities, such as putting your face into drawings of outlandish figures.

And the food? These are the kind of weddings where you actually eat something tasty. Carnival food can range from burgers, popcorn and hotdogs to cotton candy and any kind of fried concoction you can image. Others offer fun carnival-like items, such as “grab your own’ stations that feature jars filled with candy.

And thanks to party rental companies, you can even go as far as setting up a cool midway at your wedding, complete with great rides.

Next-Level Carnival Themed Weddings

It’s a big and interesting world, but odds are you have never gone to a wedding where you can ride a Ferris Wheel. Now, at a carnival-themed wedding, you can.

A 50-foot tall Ferris Wheel is just one of the many attractions you can rent from places like Fun Crew USA, an Orlando-based party rental company that specializes in large events such as weddings.

The Ferris Wheel features 12 double seats, allowing for 24 riders at a time. Fun Crew provides the people to set up and run the Ferris Wheel, so you and your guests can just enjoy the ride.

Rides, Games and More

Other possibilities for a carnival-themed wedding, all taken from the Fun Crew site, include:

Thrill rides. In addition to the Ferris Wheel, there are plenty of other rides to choose from, including the Reckless Ride, Mechanical Bull Ride, Mobile Stunt Jump and the Surf Simulator. Yes, not your traditional wedding entertainment, but obviously that’s not what you are doing for. You are going for fun and memorable.

Concessions.  This is a one-stop shop for carnival rentals. There are carnival tents (yes, the cool red-and-white strip ones), as well as machines to make popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, cotton candy and hotdogs.

Carnival games. If you like playing skee ball, spin the wheel, dart games or any number of games where you try to knock something over with a ball, you can pretty much find it. Not only are these games fun for adults, but they will entertain the kids, as well. Probably for hours.

Those are just a few of the ideas that can make a carnival-themed wedding a memorial event, not just for the happy couple, but for every guest that is lucky enough to get invited. For carnival enthusiasts, there’s never been a better time to plan a carnival-themed wedding.

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