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Carnival Rides for Rent

By February 29, 2020July 29th, 2020Resources
Carnival Rides for Rent | Large Event Planning Guide | Rental FAQs

Having a carnival for your next school, church, community or company party is a great way to fundraise and bring people together. Planning for such a large event can seem overwhelming, which is why it’s smart to partner with a business that provides carnival rides for rent and support for planning your event.

Many people in Florida and across the country come to Fun Team USA for information on how to rent a carnival. We offer all the carnival rentals you need to turn your party into a full-fledged carnival: rides, games, food machines and accessories. We also offer support to ensure your party runs smoothly.

How Fun Crew USA Keeps Customers Safe

Issues to Keep in Mind For Carnival Event

Before deciding on throwing a carnival for your event, consider the following issues.

What is the purpose of your event?

Decide early on if the purpose is to hold a fundraiser, provide fun activities, etc. Set the goals for your party accordingly. This also impacts another important issue: budget. Make a budget early on that is workable, and make sure to include the cost of marketing your event.

What Is the Best Time and Place?

If you decide to use carnival rentals, determine the best time of year to hold the event and a location that can handle the number of people you expect to attend.

List of Tips For Holding a Carnival

Once you’ve picked a time, date and location for your event, set the budget and the goals, then make sure to include all the following as you move forward.

  • Pick a theme that works for your type of fundraiser and time of year
  • If you serve food, check with the local health department on rules surrounding food service
  • Assign teams or an individual to oversee all the major areas, including set up, marketing, ticketing, food, parking, obtaining needed permits and overseeing the budget
  • Have a Plan B if weather take a turn for the worst
  • Make sure to market your event on social media and with local businesses
  • See if local companies might want to sponsor the event by donating money in exchange for free advertising

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How Fun Crew USA Can Help With Your Carnival

One of the best moves you can make when it comes to planning a carnival and finding carnival rides for rent is to pick a partner with years of experience and success in managing large parties. Fun Crew USA leaders recently sat down and answered questions about what the company provides for clients.

Do you provide staff for your rides?

Our insurance requires us to staff all rides.  We do allow people to staff simple carnival games or certain inflatable games to save them money.

Do you have Insurance?

Yes. We carry five million dollar general liability,  one million on vehicles, and valid workers comp for our staff with waiver of subjugation.

Do you do background checks?

Yes. Our payroll company background checks all employees to ensure safety for all our patrons.

Do you have clients we can call and verify your existing business with?

Yes.  We have numerous commercial clients who speak highly of our services, including Ritz Carlton, JW Marriott, Hilton and Walt Disney World.

Is it possible to do a site survey prior and help plan a solid layout? 

Yes, we can meet prior to your event as many times as needed to ensure a high-quality layout that you are happy with.

Can you do events longer than 4 hours?

Yes, we can customize events if needed.

Do you follow all state regulations?  Are you licensed to do business?

Yes, we are certified through the State of Florida Department of Agriculture.  We also have third party inspections as well for independent verification.

How far do you travel?

We travel just about anywhere in North America.  That depends more on the client’s budget.

Our event starts early. Can you set up the day prior?

Yes. We do not have a problem with a day prior installation or working through the evening to get something installed.

Do you provide overnight security?

This is something we do not provide. Early installations would require overnight security ordered.

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