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Can You Rent Carnival Slides?

By November 30, 2021January 11th, 2022Resources
Can You Rent Carnival Slides? | Water, Dry, Inflatable, Potato Sack Slides

For party planners, including carnival slides in the mix of entertainment at an event is one of the best ways to all-but guarantee that guests will have a lot of fun. They also provide a great centerpiece attraction for a carnival-themed event, especially for younger guests.

Slides come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and themes, but typically fall within two categories: wet or dry. Deciding between the two depends on the type of event, the time of year and what you think guests will prefer.

Party planners can also offer guests a modern version of the traditional slide. For example, Sugar Rush Falls is a giant version of a slide, with three lanes and 90 feet of sliding. It’s the perfect addition to a corporate party, festival or holiday event.

Carnival Slide: Sugar Rush Falls

Designs for Carnival Slides

A slide fits in well with a carnival theme, adding another type of attraction to carnival games, food and thrill rides. And because of their fantastic designs, carnival slides add a great splash of color and interesting visuals that will attract a crowd at your event.

What type of visuals? Just take a casual run through the amazing number of options for slides. They include slide designs based on giant alligators, a haunted mansion, alpine skiing, and the Big Kahuna. There isn’t a boring one in the bunch, and they’re all different.

Inflatable slides also provide a safe way to provide big thrills. Event personnel are taught the proper way to inflate, use and deflate the slide. The biggest challenge is ensuring your event has the space for a slide, as well as the water source needed for wet slides.

The 36 Foot Gator Slide!

Dry Slides vs. Wet Slides

When considering carnival slides, it’s important to decide between a dry or wet slide. It’s also important to note that many of the wet slides also can work as a dry slide.

The difference between the two is typically in design. Inflatable carnival slide designs equip wet slides with a splash pool at the bottom. They usually have an attachment for a water hose that runs water down the slide, making for fast, slippery rides.

Dry slides typically have a high inflatable bumper, ramp or wall at the bottom of the slide. Otherwise, the construction of the slide itself and the design are much the same. For most party planners, dry slides work best because of the versatility. They fit into almost any type of party theme – including carnivals – and also work well at both indoor events (space permitting) and outdoor events. However, some outdoor events during the warmer months are perfect for water slides, allowing party planners to turn a section of the event into a water park!

Whichever type of slide party planners choose, they have many great options for adding a carnival slide to their next event. If you’re one of those planners, contact professional entertainment planners to find details on the many options you have for your next festival, corporate party or big event.

Extreme Water Slides You Can Rent!

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