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Throwing a Birthday Party in Orlando

By August 27, 2015May 25th, 2016Resources
Throwing a Birthday Party in Orlando

When it comes to places to hold a party, few places hold a candle to Orlando. There’s a reason there are tons of out-of-state license plates to be seen on the freeway, a convention center the size of several football fields and a bevy of amusement parks.

Orlando’s advantages are many. For example:

  • Great weather all year around. Why do you think Disney built there?
  • Speaking of Disney, the Orlando area is home to Disney World, Seaworld and Universal Studios, as well as many surrounding attractions, including water parks
  • Great restaurants all over the area, from top shelf chains to local-owned

All that is good if your Orlando birthday party includes a trip out. But there are also great options if your party never leaves your own backyard.

Birthday Party in Orlando Rentals

If you are throwing a party in Orlando, one excellent option is looking into party rentals from places such as Fun Crew USA, There you can find the sort of rentals that will make your Orlando birthday party memorable without having to drive and pay for an amusement park.

Here are some of the party rentals that might work well for you if you prefer to keep the party at home.

Thrill Attractions

Party rentals have moved far beyond a few inflatables. These days, a good party rental company is almost like a mobile carnival or fair, able to provide you with a wide number of attractions.

If you are looking for the type of rentals that are considered “extreme,” these are some of the rentals to consider. They will definitely have your guests talking about the birthday party long after it’s over.

  • The V4 Ultimate Bungee Trampoline, a “quad jumper” that allows four people to use it at one time. From these four stations, riders can jump on a trampoline and hit heights of up to 25 feet, all while safely attached to a bungee cord. You can also perform tricks like somersaults and flips.
  • Ferris Wheel. That’s right, you can literally have a Ferris Wheel at your party. Fun Crew offers a wheel that is 50-feet tall and seats up to 24 people.
  • Mechanical Bull ride, which is exactly what you mind find in a Texas mega-bar, but in this case there is nice inflatable padding to catch you when you land.
  • Classic Locomotive Trackless Train, a black and red train with a gold eagle on the front. The train is able to operate on almost any kind of surface including grass, dirt and asphalt.

Rent Water Slides

If it’s warm outside for your party – and that’s the case most months in Orlando – then you simply cannot go wrong with a water slide.

While water slides have been a staple of party rentals for years, the variety is bigger than ever. They include:

  • The Pipeline, which is 32 feet high and 85 feet long, making it one of the largest water slides available.
  • Vertical Rush with Slip N Slide, which is one of the fastest slides available. It combines a rock wall with a long slide into a slip ‘n slide.
  • Tropical Vortex, which has a 43-foot-long slide that blasts you through a 360-degree turn before plunging you into a dark tunnel and then out into a slip ‘n slide. That’s going to be a hit, no matter the age of your guests.
  • Typhoon Water Slide, a monster of a slide that has more than 85 feet of water slide to enjoy as well as two tunnels and a 360-degree turn.

Bounce Houses Rental Options

This is especially effective for kids parties, obviously, although don’t be surprised if the adults want to get in there and jump around, too.

The bounce house rental choices are plentiful and interesting. They include the following:

  • Castles, from the princess and fairy tale castles to Disney themes (including specific movies, such as “Frozen”) and the Blue, Pink or Yellow Castle Moonwalk.
  • Superheroes such as Spider-Man or the Justice League (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash).
  • The Jam Box which is shaped like a giant Boom Box.
  • The SpongeBob Bounce House, based on the popular cartoon character
  • Sports themes, such as football
  • Bounce houses designed along iconic themes such as a farm, carousel and stage coach.

Food and Drink

It’s now relatively easy to turn your backyard birthday party into a small carnival. Fun Crew USA, for example, has rentals that include a number of specialty food machines. They include rentals such as popcorn machines, tropical drink makers, cotton candy machines, mobile popcorn makers, hotdog steamers and snow cone machines.

You also can rent a variety of colorful carnival tents where you can serve your foods, as well as a large selection of games to play, including bell ringers, fish ponds (for the little ones), a bowling game and skee ball.

Those are just samples of the options you can rent. There are plenty more choices, all aimed at keeping your friends, family and kids entertained at your birthday party. For your birthday party in Orlando, it’s the perfect choice for those who don’t want to make a long (and expensive) run to an amusement park.

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