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Tips For Throwing a Backyard Gender Reveal Party

By July 30, 2018Resources
Tips For Throwing a Backyard Gender Reveal Party

For every parent, there comes that moment they must decide: Do they want to know their baby’s gender before he or she is born & have a gender reveal party or wait and be surprised?

It’s a tough one. Parents tend to debate this one almost as much as name choice.

On the one hand, sometimes it helps to know in advance, so you can prepare better. On the other hand, a surprise in the delivery room is a great memory.

Gender Reveal Party Planning

For those who go the know-in-advance route, it also offers the opportunity to throw a great party. A gender reveal party gives you the chance to get together with friends and family and share the big news.

Here are some idea to make your party the best possible.

Pick a Theme

The best way to go, of course, is pink and blue. Use an equal amount of both and keep people guessing before you reveal the big news. You can carry over the theme to the beverages. Also, add fun foods like pink and blue cotton candy, snow cones or frozen drinks.

The Betting Pool

Part of the fun for guests, of course, is trying to guess whether it will be a girl or a boy. You’ll be shocked to find how many people think they can figure it out just by looking at how Mom is carrying the baby (Mom, prepare yourself for a lot of long looks!). Have every guest make a choice and see which group got it right (maybe they get more cake or a special prize?).

Entertain the Kids

Chances are a lot of people in your social circle have kids. Provide them with some fun, too. Consider something like the Knock-a-Block, a carnival game that gives kids the chance to toss bean bags and knock over blocks, winning prizes for good throws. That’s just one of dozens of carnival games that can keep the kids entertained while the adults socialize.

Make the Big Announcement

How you make the big reveal is up to you. One way is to bring out food colored in the gender of the baby. Or, to keep it hidden until the last possible moment for maximum suspense, get a cake with a neutral color on the outside. But inside, have it filled with pink or blue frosting.

Make a Video

One great gift for your child that they will cherish in the future is a video of people greeting them from a time before they were even born! Let friends and family give brief messages to the unborn child, including funny life advice, once they know the baby’s gender. It’s something they will cherish many years later.

These ideas can help make your gender reveal party fun for all. It’s a big moment in your lives. Take the time to have a get-together and share it with those you love.

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