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Create an Awesome Spring Break Party at Home

By February 23, 2016May 25th, 2016Resources
Spring Break Party at Home

Every year, spring break provides an opportunity for college students to decompress, get away from studies for a week and just enjoy themselves. That’s a good thing.

Typically, spring break also is a time to travel away from home, spend a lot of money on crowded beaches and sometimes get into iffy situations. That’s not so good.

An increasingly popular decision is to do spring break at home. And thanks to a variety of choices for throwing a spring break party right in your own neighborhood – or even your own house – more people are making the choice to make spring break a kind of “staycation.”

If you decide to go that way, here are some of the great choices that are available from party rental companies such as Fun Crew USA in Orlando.

Spring Break Party at Home: Water Slides

Any spring break party should be built around these slides, which provide the entertainment of a water park without the cost of going to one.

Water slides have become more elaborate and more fun than ever. Here are some of the choices from Fun Crew USA.

Pipeline Water Slide. This new water slide is huge – 32 feet high and 85 feet long. Riders slide down a steep incline, through a tunnel and into a long slide.

Tropical Vortex Water Slide. This one features a 43-foot sliding lane that sends you into a 360-degree turn before you plunge into a dark tunnel and finally into a gentle landing on a slip and slide.

Triple Splash Water Slide. Sure, some slides offer you the chance to race against one other person, but what about the chance for three people to race at once? That’s what you get with this giant water slide, which has a 19-foot drop and three side-by-side slides in case spring breakers want to race their friends (they will).

Thrill Rides

To give your spring break party that extra dimension of coolness – which the kids deserve, since they agreed to stay home – then consider the many extreme thrill rides available.

There are rock climbing walls for a variety of skill levels, for example. There’s a mechanical bull ride (with a safe landing on an inflatable stage) for those who want to test the level of their inner cowboy. There are also amazing obstacle courses and even a mobile stunt jump unit.

But here are two that are above and beyond.

Ferris Wheel. That’s right, you can rent your own Ferris Wheel. This 50-foot tall attraction has 12 seats and is set up and operated by trained professionals. This is perfect if you decide to join with others and have a neighborhood spring break party.

Reckless Ride. No, it’s not really reckless. But it is fun. This ride, which seats eight people at a time, spins you fast enough to where you feel G-forces. Not for the faint-hearted, but then what spring break kid is faint-hearted?

Food and Drink

Plenty of choices here, from the carnival staples such as popcorn and cotton candy machines to hot dog steamers.

Also, if you plan to allow adult beverages, there are tropical drink machines that will fit your needs perfectly.

There are just some of the ideas to make your spring break party fun – there are plenty of more choices depending on the kind of party you want to throw. But whatever you decide, you’ll have the comfort and safety of throwing the party at home, not to mention saving on travel costs.

Makes yours a safe and fun spring break!

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