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7 Unique Orlando Party Rentals For The Best Fall Fundraisers

By September 20, 2021October 5th, 2021Resources
7 Unique Orlando Party Rentals For The Best Fall Fundraisers

It’s fall in Central Florida, which means it’s time to put the hot summer behind you and enjoy paradise for the next six months. It also means it’s time to find unique Orlando party rentals to create the best fall fundraisers possible. You want to give your guests something they’ve never seen before.

Fortunately, there are many cool, unique and fun Orlando party rental options. That’s good news for party planners. It’s a bit stressful to come up with party ideas that are unique. Prepare to relax after you read the following.

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Unique Party Rentals in Central Florida

The following can help guide you in the right direction if you want something unique for your party. Of course, you also want carnival games, slides, dunk tanks and bounce houses that people are familiar with – they remain popular for a reason (they’re fun!). But these fun and unique Orlando party rentals will give people something a bit different.

A Haunted House Slide

If you’re planning your fundraiser around Halloween – or even if you’re not – you are guaranteed to offer your guests something unique and fun with The Mausoleum, because it’s the only one on the planet. Designed especially by Fun Crew USA, it offers a cool design that features classic monsters, a graveyard, bats, skeletons, pumpkins – you get the idea. It also stands 46 feet tall.

Check Out The Haunted Mausoleum

A Giant Alligator

It is Florida, after all. No matter how you feel about gators, there’s one thing that’s certain: a 36-foot-long gator that stands astride a slide is going to get a lot of people’s attention. It’s also going to make them want to try it out (and also take a selfie in front of it).

The 36 Foot Gator Slide!

A Picture on a Cookie

Every fall fundraiser planner wants something to give guests that is a special treat. It’s hard to get much more special than a Frosted Cookie Creation that allows you to put a picture right into the frosting. Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s photographic proof. This is a surefire way to make a great impression.

Custom Printed Frosted Cookies

Give Your Guests Some Magic

Remember photo booths? Pretty cool in their day. But now, you have the Magic Mirror. This unique party rental allows guests to take a picture in the mirror that includes something written  about the party or a branded logo (or both). It’s a great way to give guests a party memento unlike any other. There’s also a built-in video recording feature that allows people to leave messages, all on one device.

Check Out The Magic Mirror!

Ride a Spider

It’s not every day you get to ride a giant spider. Actually, there’s not any day you get to ride a giant spider. But you certainly can with the mechanical spider ride, which operates like a mechanical bull but is instead a giant black spider in a cool, uniquely designed inflatable arena. Spider freaking you out? Well, you can also choose a wild hog, giant pumpkin, hammerhead shark, or a reindeer.

Mechanical Spider Ride

Climb a Palm Tree

You might think you’ve seen it all with climbing walls and the like, but not until you see the Coconut Palm Tree climb. It gives party guests to do exactly what the name implies: climb a palm tree about 25 feet into the air (wearing safety equipment, of course). This one is especially unique – and beautiful – when lit up in neon colors at night.

Be An Astronaut

The 4-Spin Gyrosphere ride is as cool as anything you will see at a carnival or fair. Riders climb into one of four seats and are flipped and spun until they feel weightlessness. It’s based on the machines used by astronauts to simulate what it feels like in space.

This just scratches the surface of the fun, unique Orlando party rentals you can provide at your fall fundraiser. You won’t be disappointed when you check them out in person. Neither will your guests.

Check Out The 4-Spin Gyrosphere!

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