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Yes, You Can Rent Carnival Rides And Games In Florida

By January 9, 2021February 9th, 2021Resources
Yes, You Can Rent Carnival Rides And Games In Florida | FL Fair Rentals

Every party planner looks for something to give their guests entertainment options that are both unique and a lot of fun. Carnival rides provide exactly what they need, whether it’s a large event, corporate party or fundraiser. Thankfully, if you’re looking to rent carnival rides and games in Florida, you have a wealth of great options to fit your particular party.

And we mean “fit” in several ways. For example:

  • Different carnival rides require different amounts of space to run properly, so you want it to fit within the footprint of your party space (and have the power needed to run the ride)
  • If you have a theme, you want the ride to fit in with what you’re trying to accomplish
  • You also want to rent carnival rides and games in Florida that fit your party budget

In the winter months, Florida offers some of the most perfect weather possible for an outdoor event. But if you plan to hold your party during the summer months where rain is more of a factor, don’t worry. You’ve got plenty of options that fit indoor, too.

Event Management Checklist

Carnival Ride Options for Corporate Parties

If you’re putting on a big corporate party – or holding a large event or fundraiser – the following options are worth considering when you are looking to rent carnival rides and games in Florida. Keep in mind also that you want to consult with a corporate event planner to get the best advice on what will work best for your party.

Corporate Event Planning Help

Big Thrill Rides

Every party needs a centerpiece attraction. Nothing fills that category like a thrill ride and amusement ride rentals. These rides attract a crowd. It’s the ride that, during the party, everyone will ask, :”Have you ridden the (fill in the blank with a thrill ride) yet?” The choices include:

Thrill Rides and Action Games

  • The 4-Spin Gyrosphere
  • Magic Teacups ride
  • Odin’s Fury Amusement Ride
  • Skateboard and Snowboard simulators
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Reckless Ride Carnival Experience
  • Ballistic Carnival Swing
  • Mobile Zip Line

Participation Games

These games are not your classic carnival games, but they definitely bring the fun. Some of these are great at team building, while others give your employees a chance to face off against each other individually. Either way, it gives everyone a chance to bond over something outside of work. Choices include:

  • Gator Wrestlin’ Ride (think a mechanical bull, but with an alligator instead!)
  • Hammerhead Shark Ride (same deal, but with a hammerhead shark)
  • Adrenalator (an uphill treadmill to race on)
  • Zorb track
  • Extreme rock walls
  • V4 Ultimate Bungee Trampoline
  • Patriot Games
  • Inflatable Jousting

Check Out The Adrenalator®

Traditional Carnival Experience

While you’re putting together your big event, you may also want to consider adding smaller, more traditional carnival games. These days, it’s an absolutely insane number of games you can rent that will fit any party theme. Also, don’t forget to throw in some carnival concessions to make the experience complete. You have options such as:

Challenging Electronic Games

  • Popcorn machine (including one on wheels)
  • Frozen drink machine
  • Cotton candy machine
  • Snow cone machine
  • Personalized cookies
  • Hot dog machine

When you’re planning a big corporate party, it’s hard to come up with a better option than offering carnival-style rides, games and food. And with the ability to rent carnival rides and games in Florida, you can make your party unique and memorable – exactly what every party planner wants to accomplish.

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