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What is a Trackless Train and Why You Need One

By September 23, 2015Resources
What is a Trackless Train

In recent years, party rental companies have made one of the most popular forms of transport available for large parties: trackless trains.

Known sometimes as trams – or, by the kids, as “choo choo trains” – trackless trains provide such a memorable experience that they have become one of the most popular rentals for events such as city carnivals, large corporate get-togethers and big neighborhood parties.

Why are such trackless trains so popular? They tap into the love of trains that crosses cultures around the globe. They also are so practical that they are used in many places people already visit.

Trackless Trains a Popular Form of Transportation

What is a Trackless TrainTrackless trains have become a popular mode of transportation in places around the world. They offer convenience and practically while delivering riders a chance to take in the view.

When visiting an amusement park, you likely will see a trackless train – in this case, called a tram – that will take you from your car (parked far, far away) to the entrance of the park.

In an airport, trackless trains are used to transport luggage. Look out any airport window and you will likely see one in action. They sometimes are also used to transport people through the terminal – no doubt you’ve probably had to move out of the way of one before!

Others are often used to transport tourists around attractions or at factories to haul workers or products.

Like a Train, But Different

Trackless trains may go by a number of different names, but they all are similar in the fact they are led by a road-going driving vehicle that tows a group of connected carriages.

The more advanced trains use four-wheel steering on the carriages, which means they can better stay in the path of the driving vehicle. That’s a huge help for longer trams.

Some cities, typically in Europe, use trackless trains to transport people rather than other modes of transportation. Perhaps the most famous town to do so is Gruyeres in Switzerland, which does not allow any vehicles other than trackless trains in its city streets (which are pedestrian-friendly).

At the University of Alcala in Spain, a trackless train transports students from the nearby train station to the university campus.

How Trackless Trains Add to Your Party

Because of their flexible nature, trackless trains come in a variety of forms. Some are painted in bold colors, some (like those used to move baggage at airports) are more utilitarian. Either way, though, trackless trains are often an attraction themselves.

In recent years, some party rental companies have made trackless trains available for use at parties. These trains are often made to look like mini locomotives and are typically designed to move people around – or provide a scenic ride through – a big event, such as a city carnival, corporate party or large neighborhood party.

Some of the advantages include:

  • An ability to transport people around a big event without forcing them to walk long distances
  • A trackless train can travel over a number of a different types of terrain, including asphalt or concrete sidetracks, grassy fields or dirt roads.
  • Most train rentals can carry as many as a dozen or more passengers
  • It gives the kids – and many of the adults – something fun to ride

Whether you have one at a party or ride one on vacation, trackless trains are an enjoyable form of transportation. When you rent one for your party, you are giving people an experience that will prove to be one of the most memorable aspects of the event.

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