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Trending Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By April 23, 2020July 29th, 2020Resources
Trending Mother's Day Gift Ideas | How to Give the Gift of Time

While Mother’s Day gives you the chance to show how much you appreciate your mother by showering her with gifts, one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas is to give the gift of time. Options include a fully paid trip to the day spa, taking care of chores she usually handles or taking the kids off her hands by throwing a backyard party.

If you are making a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas, think about how you can give her some time for herself. It is something every mom will like, and one of the best ways for you to show your love and appreciation.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The following Mother’s Day gift ideas are based around the idea that one of the best gifts you can give is the gift of time. This is especially true for mothers, who rarely have the time to do something nice for themselves.

These first three are ways to give Moms time to themselves. These are written mostly from the perspective of a partner who wants to give a Mother’s Day gift to the mother of young children. However, with just a few adjustments, this also applies to people who want to give a gift to their friend or relative who is a mother. The central idea is to give experiences vs. stuff.

Day Spa

Get Mom out of the house guilt-free by agreeing to watch the kids and buy her a day at the spa. She can relax with a massage, skin treatments, mud baths, the sauna and a dip in the pool – the more options, the better. Your list of spa choices should be confined to the best one or two in your area. This is not a time to save a few dollars on something slightly less expensive.

Gift Certificates For Shopping Day

Some women love to shop (as do some men). If the Mom in your life enjoys “shopping therapy,” give her the day to enjoy a trip to stores she loves. Don’t let this one be a surprise, because she may want to go with a friend or two and will need time to plan. To get the ball rolling, present her with gift certificates to some of her favorite stores.

Hikes and Bikes

If Mom likes the great outdoors, consider joining her for a day’s hike through the woods. If she would prefer having everyone along, think about making it an overnight camping trip. Others may prefer canoeing or a day spent on bike rides through a local state park.

Entertaining Kids on Mother’s Day

If the mother you are giving the gift of time is your wife, then you already know one of the best ideas is a day off from “being Mom.” Any of the above ideas can work, but what about the kids? One way to keep them entertained is to make a celebration out of it and have a backyard party complete with inflatable slides, obstacle courses and thrill rides. If she wants, Mom can join when she gets back from whatever fabulous outing you have given her as a gift.

Obstacle Courses (Wet or Dry)

Chores You Should Handle

All the above Mother’s Day gift ideas are good ones, but what about the little things? It’s important to always get a card, flowers and some kind of gift Mom enjoys (chocolates, a bottle of wine, some type of beauty or wellness product). It is also important to give the gift of time by taking away her need to do any of the following on Mother’s Day.

  • Cleaning the house
  • Cooking
  • Anything related to the kids
  • Grocery shopping

Any of these ways to give the gift of time can be adjusted to fit your situation, but you get the idea. Give mothers a great experience, either solo, with friends or with their partner. If you are searching for a Mother’s Day gift idea, these are a great place to start.

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