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Top Business Event Ideas

By May 2, 2019Resources
Top Business Event Ideas | Interactive Corporate Event Planning Tips

Business events have never been the most exciting of evenings for most people. However, by putting in just a bit of effort, it’s possible to make such events a highlight of your employee’s year. And that can lead to the kind of loyalty and team spirit that every company wants.

The following highlights seven great ideas to make your business event more memorable.

Business Event Gamification

Everyone loves to play games. It’s useful in all kinds of ways. It brings people together in a non-work environment. It forges teamwork. It gets people involved when you’re trying to raise money for a cause. Games are a wonderful way to bring an extra spark to a business event, and now you have more choices than ever.

Throwable Microphones

Seems simple, right? You might be looking for the catch, but there isn’t one. A throwable microphone is just that: a microphone you can throw. Why is it a good idea? Because it saves the time of waiting while a microphone is passed. It adds a bit of fun. It keeps people focused on what is happening. And it also leads to a situation where you have a group of people sitting together, often in a circle, which is a lot more engaging than the podium-and-chairs approach.

Live Music and Artists

The rock band Kiss recently broke the rules on its farewell tour by having a performance artist come out as the “opening act.” It went over well, and the same can happen with your business event. Artists can create pieces that are specific to the event. Live music is also a longstanding but still effective way of livening up an event. Sometimes it works best if the people on staff are the ones who play music! However you do it, such events bring people together – and dancing has never been a bad idea.

Have a Roast

Roasts used to be a wonderful part of American society, made famous by the ones hosted by Dean Martin. These days, you don’t see as many roasts. However, it’s a terrific way to liven up an evening. Roasting a boss or the company CEO can be a lot of fun, if it’s done with a good-natured sense of humor and everyone is comfortable with the idea.


One of the most straightforward things a company can do is to rent a massive obstacle course and watch the fun begin. Much like kids go crazy for competition, adults are the same. It also allows people who might never know each other to team up and work together.

Throw a Carnival

Carnivals, for most people, bring back fond memories of childhood. It can be a fun, relaxing environment if you provide a good mix of rides, games and contests. Luckily, this is another area where business event planners have more choices than ever.

Business Event Swag

Never underestimate the power of swag. A well-done T-shirt, coffee mug, water bottle – any of these will go a long way to making everyone happy they came to the business event. Just make sure to brand everything with the company logo and throw in something unique to your business.

These are some ideas that can liven up the often-deadly dull business event. Keep them in mind as you set out to plan your next company get-together.

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  • Vario Productions says:

    Games are always fun to have at events, it makes the waiting more bearable and it easily connects people compared to making small talk with each other.

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