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How To Throw a Better New Year’s Eve Party

By November 27, 2017Resources
How To Throw a Better New Years Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time to celebrate the year just ended and talk about the hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

Increasingly, people want to hold that celebration in their own neighborhood.

New Year’s Eve Party Planning

Going out on New Year’s Eve means crowds, expenses and roads filled with people who may have had too much holiday cheer. But a party at home means all the neighbors can just walk over. And, thanks to party rental companies, there’s plenty of options for providing entertainment that doesn’t just involve having a glass (or three) of champagne.

If you are planning to have a New Year’s Eve party at your home or in the neighborhood, now is the time to line up the entertainment you need.

Fun Crew USA specializes in providing entertainment for big parties. They have a whole web page dedicated just to the holidays. Here are some of the options they offer.

Carnival Rides, Bounce Houses

If you have kids, then the No. 1 job is to keep them entertained. Happy, busy kids make for parents who get to relax. That’s a very good thing.

For carnival games, things have come a long way. You can now get almost anything you’d find at a midway, including bowling games, Crazy Cars and, yes, even the Fish Pond for the little ones.

Bounce houses come in all shapes and sizes, from a stage coach to a princess castle. They also can be combined with slides and other cool features.

You can also get popcorn, cotton candy and hot dog machines to feed the masses.

Interactive Rentals

This is an area where you can really step up a party.

One way to go is with the Trackless Train, which allows you to ferry guests around a big party. Or you can have it on hand just to give people a fun ride. There also are a host of other impressive rides, including:

  • The Cyclone Swing, a carnival classic that spins riders around as fast as 18 revolutions per minute (or down to five, if you want to go slower)
  • A 50-foot-high Ferris Wheel
  • A Zorb Track, which allows participants to race against each other as “human hamsters” inside a large, inflated ball
  • A Mobile Stunt Jump that allows people to leap from 30 feet up in the air to a large, inflatable landing stage

These represent just some of the rentals available for New Year’s Eve. It makes the sensible choice of staying at home for the celebration that much easier to make!

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