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How Do You Succeed With a Spring Fundraiser?

By February 28, 2019Resources
How Do You Succeed With a Spring Fundraiser? | Fundraising Ideas

A spring fundraiser is an important money-raising event for many organizations. Success depends on several variables, but factors that can make the event more likely to work include picking the right theme, setting donation expectations, advertising, providing excellent entertainment and thanking everyone after the event.

The following is not a step-by-step guide to a fundraiser, but rather some helpful tips to keep in mind while planning your event.

This applies to every kind of spring fundraiser. That includes schools, churches, nonprofit groups, associations, clubs or any type of organization that uses that a spring fundraiser to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Visit Other Fundraisers for Theme Ideas

It might be that you have a theme you use each year. If it’s been working well, don’t feel like you must change it. In some cases, people will tweak their event to attract new donors or to fit a new location. If that’s the case or If you’re looking for a new theme, a smart move is to go to other fundraisers and see how they pulled off their theme. You might want to adopt something similar. Whatever you choose, make sure it ties in well with your organization and/or offers entertainment that you know people will want to experience.

Setting Expectations for Donations

When you have the list of attendees you expect, consider sending them information in advance of what the event will be like, as well as setting expectations of what they can donate. Make sure to note what the donations will go toward! Also, if possible, making donating as easy as you can by offering guests the chance to donate via their mobile phones.

Advertising Blitz

Leave no marketing stone unturned. Make sure to do the traditional methods such as signs placed in areas where your target audience congregates. But also, you want to send email countdowns to the event (where you can set those donation expectations), create a social media page for the event and encourage people to share it, and post photos as you get the event ready to go.


All this is dependent on the theme. In terms of food, a smart move is often to get a local restaurant (like everyone’s favorite pizza joint) to set up a booth and sell food at the event. For entertainment, considering hiring professionals who can clue you in on the many options you have in entertainment rentals.

Thank Everyone Afterward

One of the key reasons that a spring fundraiser is successful is because those who plan it make sure to reach out and thank everyone who made the event a success. This includes those who donated as well as the many volunteers that spent their valuable time making the event a success. It’s a key reason why next year’s fundraiser will also be successful – everyone will want to work together again when their efforts have been so appreciated.

Keep these tips in mind as you plan your spring fundraiser. They can help you achieve better success with your event. With a good plan, you’re already more than halfway toward making your fundraiser a big success.

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