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Time To Start Preparing For Your Fall College Party

By June 9, 2017Resources
Fall College Party Planning

With summer upon us, it’s time for college party planners to start thinking ahead to the parties for the next school year.

Luckily, the choices to provide students with a day of good, clear fun are more plentiful than ever. Party planners can choose everything from challenging obstacle courses to thrill rides and carnival games, thanks to party planning companies such as a Fun Crew USA.

Preparing for your Fall College Party

Fun Crew specializes in providing entertainment for large parties, giving planners a host of choices to make their college event something everyone will enjoy and remember.

Consider some of the following choices, all culled from the our site.

Carnival Games

Creating a mini-midway for a party is never a bad idea, especially for students who enjoy a little competition. Thanks to the many choices available, you can now provide classic midway entertainment at your college party.

They include:

Food. All the traditional choices are available, including popcorn and hot dog machines, cotton candy, Sno Kones and frozen drinks.

Games. What’s a carnival without a Hi Strike Bell Ringer? Everyone will want to prove their strength by testing themselves on this classic game. There’s also Skee Roll, the Bowl A Rama miniature bowling alley, the Token Pitch, the Prize Wheel, Tic Tac Toe and mini-golf. Also, you can rent the ever-popular dunk tank.

Accessories. Don’t worry about making your carnival look like a carnival – everything is there for rental. That includes tents, chairs, tables and even Sky Dancers.

Obstacle Courses

Here’s where the competition really kicks in. Fun Crew offers a wide variety of obstacle courses for every skill level, many of which allow party guests to take on each other in a one-on-one race.

You also can get other competitive inflatables, including:

Gladiator Joust. Players face off in an inflatable arena, armed with padded joust poles.

Big Baller. Modeled after the game seen on “Wipeout,” players have to leap across four giant, inflated balls and climb a nine-foot incline to reach the top.

Surf Simulator. This one tests your balance like no other ride. Players stand atop a surf board in an inflatable arena, then try to stay up as the board simulates the action you’d feel riding the waves.

Thrill Rides

Here’s where you can really pump up the party action. Numerous thrill rides are available, each cool in its own way. The following are some of the examples.

Ferris Wheel. Yes, you can rent your own Ferris Wheel that seats up to 24 people at a time in 12 double seats. Standing at 50-feet tall, this awesome rental gives you one of the most popular carnival rides ever at your party.

Zorb Track. How about becoming a human hamster? This popular ride places people inside a huge, clear ball, then requires you to move down a track with hills to make the ride even more exciting. This comes with a dual track, allowing students to race each other.

Multi-Station Climbing Challenge. This the rock wall of all rock walls. Climbers can take on three different challenges, each designed for various skill levels. This ride also comes with lights for night-time parties.

Those represent just some of the options for your fall college party. It’s only three months away, so it’s time to get planning! Luckily, with the options you have at Fun Crew USA, planning will be snap.

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