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Portable Golf Courses: The Latest Addition For Party Game Fun

By May 16, 2017Resources
Portable Golf Courses

Adding a challenging game to your party can make it a much more engaging event – almost like a carnival.

And that’s a good thing, especially for larger parties such as school fundraisers, neighborhood get-togethers or a corporate event.

Of all the games you can rent, few offers as many challenges as golf.

Long the most wonderful and also must frustrating part of every golfer’s life, the game also can be tons of fun if it’s played at a party and not taken that seriously.

That’s where a company like Fun Crew USA comes in. They offer a great selection of portable golf courses that are perfect for large parties, adding a little competition to the fun.

9-Hole Portable Golf Courses

Both the expert golfer and the newbie can have fun with this rental, which puts the entertainment of mini-golf right into the middle of your party.

The game comes with nine different holes, each designed for competitors to try to sink a hole-in-one. But it’s not as easy as it looks, as each hole has its own challenges. These include embankments, hills in the middle of the shot, small obstacles and, in one case, a revolving windmill.

This portable golf course rental can unleash the competitive spirit among your party guests. The rental comes with the nine holes, plus balls and clubs.

If golf is not your thing, there are other choices to offer some game competition at your next party.

Black Hole

This game plays a lot like shuffleboard, with players sliding pucks down a long table and trying to land on one of the planets drawn into the surface. So why the name? Because if you are off with your shot, you land in the black hole, losing the game.

Bowl –A-Rama

That’s right – you can rent your own portable bowling lane. The rules are exactly the same – roll the ball down the lane and try to knock down as many of the 10 pins as you can.

Skee Roll

This carnival classic now can be rented for use at your party. Those who have played know that is both simple and yet very difficult to master. Players launch a ball from behind the foul line – much like bowling – and try to throw it with just the right force to land in one of the three holes. The higher the hole, the more the points. See? Simple. But fun to try and win.

Corn Hole

Corn Hole has become one of the most popular games in the United States, with people playing it everywhere from parks to your local pub. Now, guests can play it at your next party. The object is to throw a bag into a hole on a ramp placed at a distance away – or at least keep the bag on the ramp. It’s a simple yet engaging game that will certainly please the competitors at your event.

These are just some of the games you can rent to elevate your party. Check out the choices on this site. For a reasonable cost, you can give your guests something to actively engage in, which will make your party that much more memorable.

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