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How to Plan a Football Playoff Party

By December 30, 2016January 2nd, 2017Resources
Football Playoff Party

The holidays used to officially begin on Thanksgiving and run through New Year’s Day.

While that might remain technically true, in practice the holidays begin on Halloween and run through the Super Bowl.

That’s why once all the Christmas decorations are put away, it’s time to think about throwing a football playoff party or – if you’re really ambitious- a Super Bowl party. This is especially a good idea if you are lucky enough to live in one of the areas where your team has made the post season.

Planning a Football Playoff Party

Luckily, party rental companies like Fun Crew USA have plenty of choices to raise your party to a whole new level.

Food And Drink

The great thing about football parties is that it doesn’t require cooking a turkey or an elaborate holiday layout. This is a chip and dip intensive affair.

Stock up on plenty of chips, dips and other munchies. You might even consider renting a hotdog or popcorn machine, both foods you can get at the stadium.

You can also rent a frozen drink machine, perfect for those who want a cup of cheer but prefer not drinking beer. The frozen drink machine allows you to make two different flavors at the same time, so everyone has a choice. Don’t want alcohol? These machines also can produce non-alcoholic slushies.


For many, the game is entertainment enough. But there’s always halftime, and also those who are more interested in hanging out than the game itself.

That’s especially true for kids, which is why a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course might prove perfect for the occasion.

Bounce houses come in a wide variety. Geared primarily for the younger kids, bounce houses come in the shape of castles, carriages, superhero themes, pirate ships and a giant boom box.

Obstacle courses also come in a variety of sizes and skill levels. You can get a basic obstacle course or one in which people can race each other and navigate rock walls, tunnels and slides.

Football-Related Entertainment

You also have many choices for football-related rentals, including the following.

Football Bounce House. Shaped like a giant football, this one is designed to get even the youngest party goer in the mood for the big game.

Junior World of Sports. This one offers the chance to play a multitude of games, combining football, baseball, basketball, soccer, darts and Frisbee toss into one giant inflatable. People can test their ability to throw and kick, and it encourages cooperative team play.

Quarterback Toss. This one proves to look deceptively easy. Players throw a ball from a set distance, trying to get the football into the hands of a wide receiver painted on the inside of the inflatable. Not as easy as it sounds – and you only get three chances per turn!

These are just some of the options for your football playoff party, taken from the huge variety of rentals available through Fun Crew USA. Make sure to check out what your options before making your decision. And enjoy the games!

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