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Game On! Interactive Entertainment for College Students

By September 5, 2023October 5th, 2023Resources
Game On! Interactive Entertainment for College Students

Party planners today work in a world where, thankfully, there are many excellent options. This wealth of variety includes finding interactive entertainment for college students that can elevate a good campus event into a great campus event.

Interactive can mean a lot of different things, but when it comes to entertainment, it means providing college students with things to do that keep them engaged and allow them to bond with (and, in some cases, compete against) their fellow students.

The following lists some of the best ways to create interactive entertainment for college students. They all can help you elevate your next big college event into something truly special.

7 Ideas for Interactive Entertainment for College Students

For students, college is a whirlwind of activities: classes, assignments and social activities. While the hustle and bustle is a lot of fun, it’s also important for students to find ways to unwind.

Interactive entertainment offers a fantastic outlet for college students to relax, bond with peers and simply enjoy themselves. The following exciting interactive entertainment options are perfect for the college crowd.

Online Multiplayer Games

The rise of online gaming has revolutionized how students connect with friends and unwind after a long day of classes. Titles like “Fortnite,” “Among Us” and “League of Legends” offer entertainment as well as opportunities for teamwork, strategy-building and problem-solving. College gaming communities and esports clubs are thriving, providing a space for students to share their passion for gaming.

Campus Carnivals

Usually offered as part of a large event, a carnival midway can also stand on its own as a hub of interactive entertainment. Party planners can use midway game trailers to provide students game opportunities in an easy-to-set-up attraction. Options include great games like Bowler Roller, Derby Races and Hoop Shots.

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have gained immense popularity in recent years. These real-life puzzle-solving adventures challenge teams to work together and think critically under pressure. College students can gather a group of friends and test their problem-solving skills in themed rooms, ranging from solving a murder mystery to escaping a zombie apocalypse.

Trivia Nights and Pub Quizzes

Hosting or participating in trivia nights or pub quizzes is a classic form of interactive entertainment. It’s a great way for college students to test their general knowledge, learn new facts and enjoy some friendly competition.

Magic Mirrors and Other Unique Attractions

The Magic Mirror gives college students the chance to take photos and customize them for specific events. It’s like part selfie-station, part updated photo booth. There are other unique, interactive attractions, too, such as foam pits, mechanical bull rides and obstacle courses and rock climbs that give students a chance to compete against each other.

Board Games and Card Games

While digital entertainment is on the rise, there’s still something special about gathering around a table with friends for a game night. Classic board games like Life, Parcheesi, Scrabble, Monopoly and Settlers of Catan , as well as card games like Cards Against Humanity, offer hours of laughter and camaraderie.

Interactive Theater Performances

Immersive theater experiences have gained popularity in recent years. These performances blur the lines between audience and actor, allowing participants to become part of the story. College students can enjoy a night of suspense, mystery, and drama while actively engaging with the performance.

Interactive entertainment provides a fantastic way for college students to unwind, connect with peers and challenge themselves. So, let the games begin!

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