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Morale Welfare and Recreation Event Planning: How To Plan MWR Events

By February 4, 2019Resources
Morale Welfare and Recreation Event Planning: How To Plan MWR Events

The United States Armed Forces make a great effort to boost morale for troops and their families with community support and quality of life programs offered through the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program.

Those who work in MWR now have more options than ever with the huge number of entertainment rental options offered through amusement and entertainment rental companies.

What Does MWR Do?

MWR provides service to those who serve their country. In 2,000 facilities at bases around the world, MWR gives troops, wives, kids and retirees access to a large number of services.

They include sports and fitness centers, restaurants, snack bars, golf courses, bowling, recreation centers, arts and craft centers, horseback riding, paintball, skeet ranges, indoor climbing, libraries, adventure trips, equipment rentals, and travel services – just to name a few!

It’s a great service that benefits troops and their families. Each branch of the military operates an MWR that contributes to retention, readiness and the wellbeing of Armed Forces members and their families.

Options for MWR Entertainment

One of the areas MWR handles are special events designed to bring everyone together for fun. These MWR events on base give all involved a chance to unwind and get to know each other in a non-work environment.

Trusted rental companies specialize in providing safe & thrilling entertainment options for guests of all ages. In addition to safe rides, party rental companies must pass extensive background checks since they’ll be on a military base. Having the peace of mind that not only are the rides inspected, safe & fun but that the ride attendants & party rental staff are professionals makes for a perfect MWR event!

Below are some of the most popular military event rentals available.

Obstacle Courses

These are a wonderful way to get everyone involved in a big event. The competitive spirit makes these an attractive option. Courses come in all shapes and sizes. Obstacles include walls, tunnels, and pop-ups. You can also get courses that are best for people of all ages. They range from small courses to long, monster courses that feature slides.

Technology also has made courses more fun. An example is the Adrenalator, which requires users to run up a 15-foot incline at a 27-degree angle.

Thrill Rides

Thrill rides offer a carnival atmosphere for every get-together – without having to hire a carnival company and get them past a background check. Zip lines, carnival swings, stunt jumps, bungee trampolines – all are available. You can even get a Ferris Wheel or a mechanical bull ride fitted with another animal, such as a hammerhead shark.

Water Slides

Spring and summer go together with water slides. For MWR events during hot months, a water slide gives guests a chance to cool off when having fun. And since they come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, it’s not hard to find one that will fit the space you have for the event.

For Kids: Bounce Houses

One of the many wonderful offerings through MWR are child support services. These include care programs. They also include entertainment. When putting together an event, having a bounce house is about as entertaining as it gets for kids. Bounce houses now have many different shapes and designs. They include kid favorites like castles, superheroes, sports, stagecoaches and pirate ships.

There are also food options that kids will love. They include popcorn machines, snow cones and cotton candy with glowing handles!

Safety is a top priority at all MWR events. Quality rental companies have professionals to set up and operate rides so guests can focus on fun. For MWR event planners, amusement companies offer a great option when looking to find entertainment for the next big event.

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