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How To Host a Race Car Party

By November 5, 2018Resources
Race Car Party Rental

Using a combination of technology and inflatables, people can now race cars around a track using remote controls and helmets that allow them to see first person video (FPV) from cameras mounted in remote cars. Hosting a race car party involves renting this great new form of entertainment, then finding the right racing decorations, food, and party favors.

For those with kids who love racing, the new Live Drive RC Racing is going to be a winner. It allows them to race cars safely by guiding the cars remotely. The game itself will be the centerpiece of any party, but there are ways to enhance the scene with a few decorating and food touches.

How It Works

In Live Drive RC Racing, two players take control of cars placed on an inflatable track. They steer the cars through a  remote control and can see where they are going by wearing a helmet that gives them a streaming first-person view (FPV) through a camera mounted in the race car.  That way they get the thrill of fast turns, breakaway speed and close calls with the other race car without being on the track,


You’ll want to get some checkered flags to put around the house and near the track, arranged two at the time and crossed. You can also use chalk to draw a race car track leading from the driveway to the door. On the food table, try a centerpiece made of toy race car tracks and maybe some Hot Wheels or Matchbox race cars. To set the atmosphere, you can put on a racing movie or even taped footage of the latest Daytona 500.

Race Car Party Food

What kind of food goes with a race car party? A cake decorated with racing flags and cars is a good start. Finger foods will serve you best, including sandwiches and round, mini-pizzas served on a plate with plastic tires used for decorations. Or put small food items – tater tots, for example, or piles of vegetables – in the bed of a model truck.

Race Car Party Favors

You’ll want something for the race winners. You can buy small trophies at a local shop or order them online. A cool idea for party favors is to get either Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars of some of the coolest models, giving each their own car. Ideas include the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, a Formula 1 race car, and even the Batmobile!

Put them in a cup or box that also includes mini checkered flags and a munchie such as a candy bar. You could also include a mini-racing helmet, balloons decorated with racing flags or race cars, and racing car stickers.

These are some of the ideas to make a race car party more fun. With this new game, it’s possible to take a birthday party or a neighborhood get-together to a whole new level. Keep these ideas in mind as you put together your Live Drive RC Racing party.

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