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Throw a Giant-Screen Movie Party In Your Own Backyard

By February 17, 2017Resources
Backyard Movie Party

Everyone loves movies. Even in an age of advanced technology, people still want to watch movies.

It’s the way they watch them that has changed.

The Internet allows people to watch movies on their computer or mobile device anywhere they are in the world. However, it doesn’t really give people that “watching together” feeling you get in a theater.

Thanks to an invention from many years ago, you don’t have to go to a theater to get that experience, you can get it right in your backyard.

Party rental companies such as Fun Crew USA in Orlando offer giant movie screens that you can use for your next backyard, neighborhood, school or corporate party. They make the perfect centerpiece for people who enjoy watching movies outside, which has been popular for many years.

A Brief History Of Outdoor Cinema

With the invention of movies, outdoor cinemas were created to offer people the chance to watch films. However, these mobile cinemas did not last for long, as movie theaters soon became the predominant way for people to enjoy a movie.

However, drive-in theaters started in the 1930s in America, hitting a peak in the 1950s. People sat in their cars, ate concession stand food and enjoyed the movie from the comfort of their front seat. While drive-in movies still exist, they are few in number compared to the mid-20th Century boom period.

Inflatable outdoor screens came back into vogue in the past couple of decades. Some Hollywood premieres are even held on outdoor screens. They also have become a staple of big city parks, which often screen classic movies for people to enjoy while sitting on blankets or lawn chairs.

And now, you can bring that experience to your own party.

Outdoor Cinema Rental For Your Movie Party

For movie buffs, the Outdoor Cinema rental offers the perfect way to throw a cool movie party.

The rental comes with a high definition projector and a 2,000-watt sound system.  The screen is large enough – 15 feet by 20 feet – for hundreds of people to enjoy a movie.

To make the party perfect, you also can rent a popcorn machine or even a cotton candy machine (some prefer sweets with their movies). And the pleasant evening weather in Florida makes it the perfect time to be outside.

It also can be used at school or company parties to screen videos of people at the party, school or corporate events. This puts some extra fun into the party atmosphere. And of course it can also be used indoors if rain messes up your outdoor plans.

So the outdoor screen is something to consider for your next big party. It follows a long tradition of people enjoying movies outside, and will certainly provide an experience your guests won’t soon forget.

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