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Where Can I Find an Inflatable Obstacle Course?

By August 24, 2018Resources
Where Can I Find an Inflatable Obstacle Course?

Obstacle course challenges are all over pop culture right now, from competition shows to sitcoms. But you don’t have to turn on your TV to enjoy an inflatable obstacle course! You can experience the fun for yourself in real life when you rent an inflatable obstacle course for your next party or event.

Find An Inflatable Obstacle Course

We can help you find the best inflatable obstacle course to fit your needs! Here are some things to take into consideration while choosing your inflatable obstacle course:

Choose Your Location

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out where you are hosting your party or event. If you’re having the event at home, decide if you’d want the inflatable obstacle course in your front yard or back yard.

When you choose between the front or back yard, make sure that you have accurate measurements available to make it easier to pick out the size of your inflatable.

If you are renting a space, like in a public park, find out how much space you’ll have included in your rental agreement and get the measurements. Once you know your sizing options, you’ll be ready to choose an inflatable obstacle course!

Find the Right Size for Your Location

From smaller, simple inflatable obstacle courses to larger, extreme inflatable obstacle courses, there are options to fit any event. Compare the size of your event location with the sizes of the inflatable obstacle course options to see which size works best for you.

When making the choice, think about how your event will be laid out. Where will the food be? If you have outdoor seating, how much will you need and where will it be placed? If you will need additional tables for anything like gift storage, speakers for music or any other reason, make those decisions as well.

When you know everything that your outdoor space will need, it will be a breeze to pick the right size for your inflatable obstacle course. Keep in mind that you’ll want to leave some room for your guests to get in and out of the obstacle course. Don’t be surprised if your guests want to go again and again!

Pick the Inflatable Obstacle Course

Aside from the size of the course, you’ll also want to take into consideration what kind of course  best matches your event. Consider the ages of your attendees. There are inflatable obstacles courses available that can work for all age ranges.

One simple way to choose the inflatable obstacle course for you is to just go with your gut! When you look at the options that will work best in your space, you’ll likely see one that you’re aching to bounce around in. Whichever course calls out to you, go for it!

The best part of choosing a course is that every option is equally fun! Once you know the right size, you can’t go wrong with any inflatable obstacle course. So, get ready for a good time!

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