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Fall Harvest Party in Florida

By September 21, 2020October 6th, 2020Resources
Fall Harvest Party in Florida | Autumn Event Planning Tips for FL

Fall in Florida means less heat, less rain and less chance of stormy weather. That means it’s the perfect time to gather for a fall harvest party in Florida, where you can combine the traditional harvest party trappings with decorations, food and entertainment that is distinctly Sunshine State.

Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of great choices for providing your guests entertainment, from thrill rides and carnival games to slides that must be seen to be believed. To get your party plans started, reach out to Fun Crew USA for consultation on autumn event planning and what will work best for your guest list and event space.

Also, check out some of the following ideas for throwing a memorable fall harvest party in Florida.

Florida Harvest Party Foods

Anywhere you live in Florida, it’s always appropriate to have some type of seafood on the menu. Fresh saltwater fish, crab legs, conch fritters and gator bites will always work. Everyone who lives in Florida also appreciates Publix sandwiches, so offering a selection of them for your fall harvest party in Florida will work and make it easier on you.

Cuban sandwiches and Key Lime pie are also appropriate and tasty choices. Fresh citrus fruit and tomatoes work well, and a fresh supply is easy to find with all the farms in Central Florida.

What do party guests like to eat?

Florida Harvest Party Locations

With the summer afternoon storm showers starting to ease up by late September, you can start seriously considering holding your fall harvest party in Florida outside! Check with local parks to find out the costs and how to secure a location on the day of your party. Or, if you have a big backyard, you can convert it into a harvest party. Indoor spaces give you more control and less worry about the weather.

How to Plan a Themed Event

Florida Harvest Party Decorations

Everyone who lives in Florida knows there are two seasons: summer and then that one day in January where the temperature dips below freezing (that’s winter). However, fall in Florida does involve slightly cooler temperatures and less humidity,  so an outdoor harvest festival party can be part of your autumn event planning.

That also gives you more space for decorations. A harvest party should focus on items such as corn stalks, hay bales, pumpkins and other items that conjure up images of the harvest season. To give it some Florida flavor, stick with perennial Florida favorites. Here are a few suggestions to get the creative juices flowing.

  • Alligators
  • Anything “beachy” – beach chairs, umbrellas, seashells, driftwood, etc.
  • A citrus centerpiece for the table
  • Beach ball cake pops
  • Vintage Florida postcards
  • The ubiquitous pink plastic flamingo!
  • Anything involving Florida animals such as manatees, panthers, dolphins, etc.

The 36 Foot Gator Slide!

Florida Harvest Party Entertainment

A fall harvest party in Florida is not a traditional harvest party, so think outside the box when considering what entertainment to offer.

One great choice is a carnival theme to go along with the harvest, because you have many choices in this area. They include the type of games you will find on the midway, with a few modern twists. Also, electronic games that can work as great icebreakers and entertain more than one person at a time are great choices.

Challenging Electronic Games

Other options from the many offered by Fun Crew USA include:

  • Concessions. Add a popcorn or cotton candy machine to your food offerings
  • Slides. In addition to the monster gator slide mentioned above, you can find a wide variety of slides in different sizes and shapes to fit your space.
  • Thrill rides. You might want to add a Ferris Wheel, Zorb Track, Zipline, challenging rock wall climb or a 4-spin gyrosphere to your party to give your guests a taste of extreme attraction rental excitement.

Fall in Florida is a great time. It’s not so hot. It’s not so humid. It doesn’t rain every day and the threat of hurricanes begins to fade. It’s a great time to plan on getting together and enjoying the great weather by throwing a fall harvest party in Florida with some Sunshine State style.

Thrill Rides and Action Games

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