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Creating a Wet N Wild Themed Party

By September 28, 2015May 25th, 2016Resources
Wet N Wild Water Slides

The Wet n Wild water park in Orlando is legendary for a reason. As one of the nation’s first water parks (opening in 1977), it remains one of the best.

The success of Wet n’ Wild launched hundreds of water parks around the world, all designed to create the same sort of family fun with water slides, tubes and wave pools.

It’s also led to people wanting to recreate the water park experience in their own backyards. Why not? It makes a backdoor party – or a big neighborhood party – that much more fun.

Thankfully, creating a beach-themed party with water park activities is a lot easier these days, thanks to inflatable party rental companies.

Here are a few suggestions from one such company, Fun Crew USA in Orlando, which is one of the biggest party rental companies in Central Florida.

Wet N Wild Slides For Your Event

Pipeline Water Slide. At 85-feet long, this is one of the longest water slides ever created. It’s also 32-feet high, and you know what that means – it’s fast. Riders come sliding down the steep incline and then race through a tunnel.

Double Lane Tropical Slide. It’s fun to race down a huge slide. It’s even better if you can race your friend while doing it. This slide features two side-by-side slides, giving you a chance at the company party to finally prove to Ted in accounting that you are faster than he is! This slide is 62-feet long, making it another huge slide that’s good for big parties.

Vertical Rush with Slip ‘n Slide. There’s a lot going on, and it’s all good. Riders start by going through side-by-side tunnels – you have to get around the inflated pillar. Then it’s time to climb a 25-foot rock wall up to the top of the slide. From there it’s down one of the two slides and into the Slip ‘n Slide area. It’s basically a 4-in-1 attraction.

Tropical Vortex Water Slide. Want a little tunnel action along with your water slide? This one fulfills that need and then some. A 43-foot water slide takes you through a 360-degree turn before plunging your into a dark tunnel and then out into a slip ‘n slide.

The Typhoon Water Slide. This is simply one of the tallest water slides you can rent. If that’s not enough, here’s what riders experience: After climbing to the top of this monster, they get into the slide and immediately are swept into a 360-degree turn, then not one but two tunnels, and finally into a long splash lane.

The Surf Simulator. Here’s a great way to experience the fun of surfing without having to travel to the ocean. Riders have their balance tested as they climb on the board set into the middle of large landing pad – which means when you wipe out, it’s all cool. And don’t worry, there are settings for beginners. You can turn up the skill level as you get better.

As you can see, recreating the water park experience is a lot easier these days with inflatable rentals and portable water slides. Amp up the fun at your next party and give your guests a get-together they will not forget.

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