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Tips For Creating a Kids’ Zone at a Company Party

By May 24, 2021Resources
Tips For Creating a Kids’ Zone at a Company Party | Family Event Ideas

While not every company party is one where you invite family, the larger get togethers often include employees, spouses and kids. If that is the case, one area party planners should focus on is finding ways to create a kids’ zone.

As any parent will tell you, that’s not a simple task for kids of any age. But thanks to the entertainment options available with party rental companies, along with a little input from your employees with kids, creating a kids’ zone at a company party is a challenge that’s relatively easy to meet.

Here are some ideas that can help you create a kids’ zone that the kids will love (and the parents will really, really appreciate).

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Bounce Houses, obstacle courses and slides – kids love them all, and with the many options at your disposal it’s easy to find one that fits the space you have available as well as your party theme. If you want to make the experience that much more memorable for an outdoor party, consider getting a water slide.

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Face Painting

Kids love to get their faces painted, which is why it’s so popular even at big amusement parks. The biggest issue here is to only use face paints that have been specially made for use on the face or body. Typically, you want to stick with water-based paints that wash off the skin easily.

Midway Games

The kids (and many of their parents) will love classic midway games like Pick Up Sticks and Hi Striker Bell, as well as new electronic games such as The Vault and Top Doc. They key here is to provide prizes that the kids will love. That’s an issue you’ll want to run by your employees who are also parents.

Exciting Midway Games

Spin Art

Spin Art is a magnet to kids, especially younger ones. But don’t get surprised when some of the adults want in on it, too. Spin art uses multiple colors of non-toxic paint that kids can blend to create their very own unique designs as the disc on the machine spins. Kids also have the option of using a little water spray bottle to give their artwork an even more unique look.

Live Shows

Even with all the technical gadgets at their disposal, many kids still love magicians, clowns and live music (especially if it gives them a chance to dance). This is a bit trickier to pull off, unless you have many kids who are all about the same age. But if so, a live show will give them something to always remember.

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Mechanical Rides

If you opt for mechanical rides, then you are almost guaranteed the kids will have a good time. Thrill rides attract kids of all ages, all focused on giving the ride at least one try. It’s also possible these days to provide a wide variety of rides that please all types of kids. From mechanical spiders to rides that defy gravity, you can find something that will work for your event.

Thrill Rides and Action Games

Company party planners have a lot to think about. So, it’s good to know that creating a kids’ zone at a party is a lot easier than other aspects of party planning. Once you know the age and number of the kids who plan to attend, the rest is simply picking and choosing the best options to entertain them.

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