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Throwing a Memorable Company Christmas Party In Florida

By November 21, 2016December 12th, 2016Resources
company christmas party in florida

People associate Florida with many things, but not so much Christmas. But that’s only because they have never experienced how great it is to have Christmas on the peninsula.

While it doesn’t offer snow and chilly temperatures, it does offer warm weather, blue skies and cool breezes.

That means unlike more northern climes, you don’t have to be indoors for the company Christmas party in Florida.

If you run a business in Florida and want to give your employees a real treat, then checking into the opportunities at a party rental company such as Fun Crew USA is the way to go. They offer a variety of choices to elevate the typically dull Christmas party into something truly memorable.

Here are a few choices to consider.

Stoke the Competitive Fires

By their very nature, company offices feature competition. And nothing brings out the competitive spirit such as some of the entertainment options below.

Tropical Obstacle Course. Why not give the company Christmas party a Florida flavor with a tropical design for your obstacle course? This one features three different courses that users can rearrange to create a different challenge, with the longest coming in at 120 feet. Contestants use the side-by-side courses to race each other to the finish, climbing walls, dodging pop-ups and crawling through tunnels.

Whole Rush Express. This one throws rock climbing into the mix, offering the chance for up to eight people to navigate the course. It also includes slides and pop ups on the 64-foot course.

Zorb Track. This represents the latest in corporate office party fun. Contestants get into giant, round plastic balls (think “human hamster”) and then race the balls along an 85-foot long course on side-by-side tracks. This includes going up and down inclines as you try to beat your competitor to the big archway at the end of the track.

Offer Some Thrills

Party rentals have reached the point where you can turn your office party into a kind of theme park. Check out some of these extreme rides, taken from the Fun Crew site.

Ferris Wheel. Yes, you can have your own Ferris Wheel. This one rises 50 feet into the sky and can seat up to 24 passengers at a time. Fun Crew sets up and operates the Ferris Wheel during the party – all you have to do is take a ride and enjoy the view.

Mobile Zip Line. Zip lines have become one of the most popular attractions and with good reason: they offer a lot of fun. This lines suspends you 30 feet in the air, running you along a 200-foot track.

V4 Ultimate Bungee Trampoline. This newest addition to the extreme ride lineup features two or four stations. Riders bounce off a trampoline while attached to bungee cords, allowing them to arc high into the air – as high as 25 feet! It also has lights, making it perfect for use during night time events.

For the Kids

Let’s take care of the little ones, too, right? This will allow employees with kids to actually enjoy the company Christmas party.

Fun Crew offers more than two dozen bounce houses with themes that range from castles and super heroes to carriages and sports. Giving the kids something to do not only entertains them, but gives parents a chance to mingle with the adults while the kids entertain themselves. That’s like offering them an extra Christmas bonus.

Whatever you choose, deciding to make your office Christmas party in Florida an outdoor event will provide employees with a memorable experience and send them home happy and entertained. What else could you ask for from a company Christmas party?

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