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Beat The Florida Heat with a Water Slide Rental

By June 21, 2016Resources
Beat the Florida Heat with a Water Slide

Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping it during the summertime in Florida: it’s hot. Very, very, hot.

Floridians often do the reverse of what people do in colder climes. Up there, they stay inside as much as possible during the winter months and keep the central heating on. In the Sunshine State, people do the same thing in the summer – stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning.

But at some point you have to go outside or get cabin fever. Luckily, there are more options than ever for having some fun outdoors while also beating the heat.

Chief among those options: water slides.

Beat the Florida Heat: Some of the Best Water Slide Choices

To be honest, there aren’t any bad water slide choices. A water slide, just by its very nature, is going to be fun. It’s not like you will get a water slide and be disappointed – that’s probably not humanly possible.

However, there are a wide variety of slides that are meant to match the kind of party you are throwing. Here are a few of your options, all taken from Fun Crew USA, an Orlando-based party rental company that features inflatables for all kinds of parties, from backyard gatherings to large corporate parties.

Great Water Slide Options

Lil Splash Water Slide. Let’s take care of the little ones first! This slide is designed for small kids (about 7 and under), with a 12-foot slide and drop that is steep enough to be fun but not scary for the little ones. It’s perfect for giving the kids a chance to beat the heat by getting wet, yet small enough where you will feel safe allowing them to use it.

Tropical Vortex Slide. This one is cool because it features a 360-degree turn through a dark tunnel, followed by a slip and slide lane.

Triple Splash Water Slide. At most parties, there is always someone who wants to race. So why not let three of them race all at once? This slide features three side-by-side lanes dropping down a 19-foot water slide.

Pipeline Water Slide. If you want the biggest and baddest, this is the one to choose. One of the newest water slides, the Pipeline is 32 feet high and 85 feet long. This is one of the longest slides you can rent.

Typhoon Water Slide. This one also has a 85-foot sliding lane and is one of the tallest portable water slides you can rent. It starts with a 360-degree turn through a tunnel before banking 90 degrees into another tunnel and propelling you into a long slip and slide lane.  This one basically puts a water park in your back yard.

These are just some of the many choices available to rent at Fun Crew USA. If you are tired of the Florida heat, rent a water slide and have fun outside while staying cool and comfortable!

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