It’s A Great Time For A Neighborhood Party In Florida

By December 11, 2017Resources
Neighborhood Party In Florida

People flock to Florida in the winter. Mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine make the state a destination for tourists and winter residents escaping the cold. That makes winter a fun time for outdoor festivals. It also is a perfect time to throw a neighborhood party.

Neighborhood Party Planning

Party rental companies such as Fun Crew USA specialize in making big parties better. They offer entertainment in many areas. They include the following.

Obstacle Course Rentals

This is one of the best ways to keep neighborhood party guests entertained. An obstacle course is different every time you do it. And there are more than a dozen to choose from.

They include the Atomic Rush rental. It’s built for two people to race each other. This new obstacle course begins with having to get past a group of vertical cylinders. Players then climb a wall and slide down to the next challenge. That challenge is a U-shaped turn with more vertical cylinders. That is followed by another wall, bigger than the first.

The Ultimate Obstacle Challenge gives guests a great challenge. The rental is 110 feet long. The obstacles include pop-ups, walls and tunnels. It’s a great challenge for the kids or adults!

That’s just two of the many options for obstacle course rentals. They can turn a neighborhood party into an event everyone will love and never forget.

Extreme Attractions

These rentals put the focus on thrills! It’s impossible for party guests to be bored with these rentals at the party.

They include the Cyclone Swing. The ride is a modern take on a classic carnival ride. Up to 20 riders can go from 5 to 18 revolutions per minute. As the Cyclone spins, the swings rise, defying gravity!

Other carnival rides include the Reckless Ride and the Ballistic Carnival Swing. There are also trackless trains, a mechanical bull and jousting arenas. Fun Crew offers more than 30 choices in the extreme attraction category. That makes finding one to suit your party that much easier. If you have trouble choosing, the expert party planners at Fun Crew USA will help you customize your fun.

Carnival Games

What is a neighborhood party without some fun Midway games? Not as much fun, that’s what. Party planners can liven things up by choosing from dozens of games. They will find classic games as well as some modern twists.

Great carnival food also can be served at your party. Rentals include popcorn, hot dog and cotton candy machines.

Take advantage of the great winter weather in Central Florida. Throw a neighborhood party that everyone will talk about for years to come!

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